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Philosophy Talk: Why We Hate

Oct 16, 2020

Is hatred ever morally justified, or does hate just breed more hate?

Philosophy Talk: Hannah Arendt

Oct 13, 2020

A vintage episode with John and Ken ahead of Arendt's anniversary on October 14. 

Philosophy Talk: Science and Skepticism

Oct 6, 2020

Our understanding evolves over time – how can we explain that to impatient people who don't trust science?

Philosophy Talk: How to Humbly Disagree

Sep 25, 2020

If someone disagrees with you, does it mean you should reconsider your position, or does it just mean that person is wrong?

Philosophy Talk: Martin Heidegger

Sep 18, 2020

Can Heidegger's contributions to Western philosophy and his active support for the German Nazi party be reconciled?

Philosophy Talk: Citizenship and Justice

Sep 15, 2020

Is citizenship the best recipe for non-discrimination?

Philosophy Talk: Adorno and the Culture Industry

Sep 4, 2020

Is truly great art possible under a capitalist system, or is capitalism destined to produce cultural crap?

Philosophy Talk: The Merits of Meritocracy

Aug 28, 2020

Do the people at the top really deserve their success? Do the people at the bottom really deserve to be there?

There's still time for deep and thoughtful reading this summer -- and our 500th episode.

Philosophy Talk: Misogyny and Gender Inequality

Aug 14, 2020

In the 21st century, why does gender inequality still persist? 

Philosophy Talk: Can Streets Discriminate?

Aug 7, 2020

How could urban design better serve the cause of justice?


Philosophy Talk: James Baldwin and Social Justice

Jul 31, 2020

Celebrate Baldwin's birthday on August 2 by questioning how truth and love could be harnessed to create a more just society.

Philosophy Talk: The Ethical Jerk

Jul 24, 2020

Could studying moral philosophy make you more moral -- or more of a jerk?

Should there be limits to violence in the service of liberation?

Philosophy Talk: Walter Benjamin and the Re-Enchanted World

Jul 14, 2020

Can we find enchantment without sacrificing reason?

Philosophy Talk: The 2020 Dionysus Awards

Jul 7, 2020

Looking for summer movie options? Here are some from the past year (or so) that challenged our assumptions and made us think about things in new ways.

Philosophy Talk: Pet Ethics

Jun 30, 2020

Are pets our partners, our property, or something in between?

Philosophy Talk: Jean-Paul Sartre

Jun 19, 2020

What exactly is existentialism? How are we condemned to be free? And what’s so hellish about other people?   

Philosophy Talk: White Privilege and Racial Injustice

Jun 5, 2020

Is it a privilege or a right to be treated as you deserve to be?

Philosophy Talk: Covid Conundrums and Moral Dilemmas

Jun 2, 2020

What ethical dilemmas are people facing in their daily lives related to the pandemic or social distancing?

Philosophy Talk: Comforting Conversations, Part 2

May 22, 2020

How can insights from the arts and humanities help us cope with anxious times?

Philosophy Talk: Comforting Conversations, Part 1

May 19, 2020

How can insights from the arts and humanities help us cope with anxious times?

Philosophy Talk: The Value of Care

May 8, 2020

How do notions like care, compassion, and empathy change the way we view our obligations to others?

Philosophy Talk: Machiavelli

May 5, 2020

Was Machiavelli an unscrupulous theorist and advisor, or one of the most widely misunderstood political philosophers ever?

Philosophy Talk: (Why) Money Matters

Apr 24, 2020

In an ideal society, would we even need money?

Philosophy Talk: Poetry as a Way of Knowing

Apr 19, 2020

April is National Poetry Month, so a philosopher might ask: Can we come to know things poetically that we couldn't get at through other forms of thinking, writing, and talking?

Philosophy Talk: Philosophy and the Superhero

Apr 14, 2020

Holy metapysics, Batman!

Philosophy Talk: Fractured Identities

Apr 3, 2020

How do you construct a coherent identity when you don’t feel like you fit in anywhere?

Philosophy Talk: Retirement

Mar 27, 2020
Photo: Sun Lee

Is retirement just an evil scheme invented by capitalists to get rid of higher-paid workers?

Philosophy Talk: Can Speech Kill?

Mar 20, 2020

Can mere words create a toxic climate in which violence is condoned and encouraged?