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Your Legal Rights
Wednesdays at 6 p.m.

For more than 30 years, Your Legal Rights has provided KALW listeners with free legal information and guidance.  We carry on the work of the program's founding host, Chuck Finney, who passed away in February 2018.

Bay Area attorney Jeff Hayden talks with experts on various legal topics, with listener participation: (415) 841-4134.

Latest Episodes
  • YLR host, Jeff Hayden, and tonight's guest, Ben Feuer, discuss those cases lined up for their day in court. THE court.Questions for Jeff and his guest? Call toll-free at (866) 798-8255.
  • What is new with Landlord-Tenant Law?YLR Host Jeff Hayden is joined by three of the best Landlord-Tenant Attorneys in the region, Jessica Chylik, David Finkelstein and Sal Timpano. Best of all, we'll take your calls and answer your questions.Questions for Jeff and his guests? Please call, toll free, (866) 798-8255.
  • It's all in good fun. Except when it's not. We plan to give you some guidance, so if you are experimenting in this area, you are not at risk for emotional and physical damage or even criminal prosecution.Want to learn some boundaries before the Folsom Street Fair? You've come to the right place.YLR Host Jeff Hayden and tonight's co-host, Emmy-nominated legal and political analyst Dean Johnson, are joined by Dr. Anna Randall, Dr. Richard Sprout and Susan Wright.Questions for Jeff and Dean's guests? Call (866) 798-8255. And please: keep the talk adult, and civil.
  • Every day, in California, people face criminal charges. At the time the case is initially charged, the prosecution designates the charge as an infraction, a misdemeanor, or a felony.Most offenses are carried out by the young – that is, when no one is looking toward the effects a conviction will have later in life.The law provides various means for clearing your criminal record, something many people pursue. Often years after the conviction was suffered.When do these changes restore someone’s ability to resume a normal life, often years after sometimes minor offenses? When is such relief available? When is it effective? When is it less so?And, if you seek help for yourself or a loved one, where can someone turn for help?YLR Host Jeff Hayden and co-host, NBC legal and political commentator Dean Johnson, is Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Eugene Hyman (retired), Redwood City attorney Cheri Wallace, and Mitri Hanania, Assistant Managing Attorney for the Private Defender Program of the San Mateo County Bar Association, Certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization, State Bar of California as a Specialist in Criminal Law. Questions for Jeff, Dean and their guests? Please call (866) 798-8255. Listeners seeking help for themselves or a loved one are especially encouraged to call.
  • Former President Trump faces prosecution in Georgia, under an indictment that differs than either the January 6th case pending in Washington D.C. or the documents case pending in a federal court in Florida in important ways. Among the differences are that at least for the present, it is pending in a state court, and there are myriad other indicted co-conspirators including former government officials and at least three attorneys for the then-president. Where is all this heading? What affect will this have on the upcoming presidential election?Joining tonight’s host, emmy-nominated legal and political commentator Dean Johnson, is Professor Lawrence Douglas, the James J. Grosfeld Professor of Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought at Amherst College. Questions for Dean and Professor Douglas? Please call, toll-free, at (866) 798-8255.
  • With major changes afoot in the organizing rules and process, new industries to govern, and workplace policies facing challenge even in the nonunion environment, we bring you a discussion of Labor and Employment Law: Trends with Labor Relations, Unions, and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).YLR Host, Jeff Hayden, and Tonight's Co-Host, Dean Johnson, are joined by tonight's Guests: Labor and Employment Law Attorneys -- Thomas Lenz (who represents employers), Caren Sencer (who represents labor unions and employees), and Jill Coffman is the Regional Director of the National Labor Relations Board, overseeing and enforcing the National Labor Relations Act in portions of Northern California, Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, and the Commonwealth Of The Northern Mariana Islands.Listeners with questions for Jeff, Dean and their guests, please call 415-841-4134, or toll-free at (866) 798-9255.
  • Host Jeff Hayden and Dean Johnson evaluate the charges pending against former President Trump and how they relate to the upcoming presidential election.
  • Your Legal Rights: Why Is Mississippi Ahead Of California For Election Technology?Why is open-source voting important for public trust in elections?YLR host Jeff Hayden is joined by Brent Turner, a nationally recognized advocate for transparency in election systems, Richard Painter, an American lawyer, professor, and political candidate who from 2005 to 2007 the chief White House ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush and Matt Roe, representative for Voting Works a, non profit voting system group dedicated to open source elections
  • There was a movement afoot to use cameras to analyze speed? So every car speeding down the road can get a ticket. What’s the status? If it’s passed, after all, will this really slow us down?I got a red-light ticket. Is there anything I can do?The red lights came on behind me. What happens next? Can I do anything? Anything I absolutely should not do? Why what I do in the next few moments can really make a difference.Joining YLR Host Jeff Hayden is San Mateo attorney, David Nazzaro, Jay Baik, Law offices of Majeed S. Samara in Millbrae, and David Uthman, a retired peace officer, currently practicing law at the Law Offices of David Uthman and the San Francisco Traffic Law Clinic.Questions for Jeff and his guests? Please call, toll free, at (866) 798-8255.
  • Is your landlord now limited to how much of a deposit he/she can charge? Are there any eviction moratoriums left? What is new with Landlord-Tenant Law? YLR Host Jeff Hayden is joined by three of the best Landlord-Tenant Attorneys in the region. Best of all, we'll take your calls and answer your questions.Questions for Jeff and his guests? Please call, toll free, (866( 798-8255.