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Sherri Kauk

Vinyl Nation Documentary Looks Deeply Into Music Fans' Love for Records

Records are popular again. So why are people turning to their turntables for music these days? The documentary Vinyl Nation answers that question while looking at the history of records.

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Family Law: The View from 10,000 ft.

7 hours ago

Just what does Family Law look like in California?  Just what are the basics of divorce?  How long does it take?  How do I find a good attorney?  Should I represent myself?

To guide us through this overview, YLR host Jeff Hayden is joined by Family Law Specialist B.J. Fadem and, from Fox Rothschid, Craig Bridwell.

Questions for Jeff and his guests?  Please call (866) 798-8255.

Bay Area Headlines: Wednesday, 11/25/20, AM

9 hours ago

Golden Gate Fields Extends Closure Of Horse Racing Track / Church Employee Among Wounded In San Jose Church Stabbing Attack / Judge: Califiornia Can't Ban Vanity Plates Considered To Be Offensive / Forty-five Of California's 58 Counties Now In Most-Restrictive Purple Tier / California's Top Doctor Recommends Staying Home For Thanksgiving / Unemployment Filing Fraud Out Of California Prisons Has Employment Development Department Under Scrutiny

Chronicled: Who Is Kamala Harris / Vinyl Nation

12 hours ago

When Kamala Harris left her post as California’s Attorney General to join the senate her political stances appeared to shift Today, we’re bringing you the final episode from the new podcast Chronicled: Who Is Kamala Harris? about how her time in Washington catapulted her to the national stage. Then, we hear about a documentary that explores the history and culture of vinyl records.

Sherri Kauk

Records are popular again. So why are people turning to their turntables for music these days? The documentary Vinyl Nation answers that question while looking at the history of records.

Sandip Roy

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite American holiday, and this has been a year where we learned to be thankful for all the things we once took for granted.  

Almanac - Wednesday 11/25/20

19 hours ago

Today is Juke Box Day...

Courtesy: National Nurses United

On this edition of Your Call, we’re discussing record high COVID-19 cases in the US and the toll it’s taking on frontline healthcare workers.

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris was only the second Black woman and the second Asian American to have ever served in the U.S. Senate. She gained a reputation for her tough questioning style and her progressive voting record. But before that, she was San Francisco’s “top cop.” Today, we’re bringing you another episode from the San Francisco Chronicle podcast Chronicled: Who Is Kamala Harris? 

By Flickr user Duluoz Cats / used under CC / resized and cropped

Golden Gate Fields is extending the closure of its horse racing track after a significant outbreak of COVID-19 continues to spread. Operators now face the task of trying to make sure the outbreak doesn’t jump beyond its perimeter. 

Bay Area Headlines: Tuesday, 11/24/20, PM

Nov 24, 2020

Elected Officials Ratcheting Up Recommendations For COVID-19 Safety / Golden Gate Fields Extends Closure Of Horse Racing Track / Los Angeles On The Brink Of Stay-At-Home Order / Orange County To Provide Half-A-Million Mail-In Test Kits / 35,000 Unemployment Claims Filed On Behalf Of Incarcerated People / Advocates For Low-Income People Ramp Up Pressure To Pass More Stimulus Funding


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Far more people in the U.S. are hospitalized for COVID-19 now than at any other moment of the coronavirus pandemic — more than twice as many as just a month ago.

Hospitals in some of the hardest-hit states are exhausting every health care worker, hospital room and piece of equipment to evade the worst-case scenario, when crisis plans have to be set in motion and care may have to be rationed.

NFL fans who plan to watch football after Thanksgiving dinner will have to make new plans this year.

That's because the NFL has postponed Thursday night's Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers game to Sunday, the league announced Wednesday. Two other NFL games will take place earlier in the day on Thursday.

Editor's note: This interview mentions suicidal ideations.

More than 2,400 hospitals and related facilities have received their first doses of new drugs that are designed to keep mild to moderately ill COVID-19 patients out of the hospital. But it's not clear how much the drugs will help these patients – and whether the medicines will reduce the demand for hospital beds.

Remembering Travel Writer And Memoirist Jan Morris

14 hours ago

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