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California opts for climate change money to solve its clean drinking water problem

Millions of Californians across the state lack access to clean drinking wate r. If this sounds familiar or unsurprising, it’s because the problem and possible solutions have been in the headlines for years. When Governor Newsom took office, he revamped the discussion by proposing a fee on drinking water to fund unsafe systems. That didn’t pass...but earlier this month, the new state budget assigned money to a new safe drinking water fund with revenues from the state's cap-and-trade program . ...

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Responding to forced exclusion and incarceration with storytelling and art

On this edition of Your Call, we’ll talk about cultural responses to exclusion.

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First up, one million Californians don’t have clean drinking water and the state has finally reached an agreement to fund a solution. Then, the Golden State Warriors lost the NBA Finals last week, and now they’re on to an uncertain offseason. We’ll reflect with the latest episode of Bounce: the Warriors’ Last Season in Oakland.

Angela Johnston

Millions of Californians across the state lack access to clean drinking water. If this sounds familiar or unsurprising, it’s because the problem and possible solutions have been in the headlines for years.

Courtesy of Illuminaries (cropped)

The Golden State Warriors season ended last week with a dramatic loss to the Toronto Raptors. It’s not the send-off Oakland fans were hoping for as the team bids farewell to Oracle Arena. Now, a season of promise turns into an off-season of uncertainty. There are still signs of the team all over the Town and that’s not going to change any time soon. In fact, the logo for this podcast is the iconic Warriors’ bridge image dripping off a brick wall, and that’s from a mural in Oakland by Illuminaries. In this edition of Bounce, we catch up with Illuminaries co-founder Tim Hon whose crew are painting for the Dubs. 

Vehicle Safety 2019

1 hour ago

YLR host, Jeff Hayden, welcomes Nafiz M Ahmed, Certified Criminal Law Specialist, California Board of Legal Specialization. Nafiz joins us live on the air to discuss vehicle safety, license reinstatement and suspension, avoiding suspension and maintaining our safe streets? Are new regulations the win-win? Questions for Nafiz and Jeff? Please call toll-free 866-798-8255. 

Carol Rosegg

This week on Open Air, KALW’s weekly radio magazine for the Bay Area performing arts, host David Latulippe talks with actors Lyndie Moe (pictured) and Xavier McKinnon, who play Maureen and Bennie in the 20th anniversary tour of the musical Rent, in town for only two weeks, at the SHN Golden Gate Theatre (through June 23). 

Fog City Blues: Barrio Manouche

9 hours ago

Barrio Manouche is an acoustic SF-based international septet (Spain, Quebec, France, Brasil and California) playing music that will take you on a magical journey, frequently joined by artists from around the globe.

Sandip Roy

The 85 year old Ruskin Bond is a bit of an accidental Indian,

Almanac - Wednesday 6/19/19

12 hours ago
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Today is Wednesday, the 19th of June of 2019...  

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On this edition of Your Call, we’ll talk about cultural responses to exclusion.

Gabe Grabin / KALW

The Stud, a gay bar and performance space in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood, turned 50 in 2016. But, it was also in the news that year for another reason: The owner was calling it quits after a new landlord upped the rent by nearly $6000 — from $3800 a month to $9500. 


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Editor's note: This story contains graphic details of the actions leading up to Jamal Khashoggi's death.

A special U.N. investigator says Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman should be investigated in the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi because there is "credible evidence" that he and other senior officials in the kingdom were responsible.

In just five years, Slack has grown to have more than 10 million users and has become a verb in the process. "I'll Slack you" is shorthand for sending a message via the workplace chat platform.

On Thursday, the company will take that popularity to the New York Stock Exchange, where its shares will be publicly listed for the first time.

Updated at 7:51 p.m. ET

A new order by a federal judge in Maryland sets up a potential new block against the Trump administration's plans to add a citizenship question to forms for the upcoming 2020 census.

The latest development in the legal battle over the hotly contested question could complicate the Census Bureau's plans to finalize census questionnaires and start printing paper forms for the national head count by July 1.

Updated at 5:30 p.m. ET

The leader of NXIVM, a group that espoused a philosophy of self-improvement but was accused of recruiting, grooming and even branding an inner circle of female sex slaves, was found guilty Wednesday by a federal jury in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Keith Raniere, who was known as "Vanguard," was convicted on all charges, including sex trafficking, forced labor conspiracy, human trafficking and multiple counts of racketeering — including sexual exploitation of a child.

It's a sweltering morning in Beltsville, Md., and I'm face-to-face with bee doom. Mark Dykes, a "Bee Squad coordinator" at the University of Maryland, shakes a Mason jar filled with buzzing honeybees that are coated with powdered sugar. The sugar loosens the grip of tiny Varroa mites, a parasite that plagues bees; as he sifts the powder into a bowl, they poke out like hairy pebbles in snow.

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