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Sundays 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

An invitation to discover genre-bending frequencies, magical gems and new discoveries. Get cozy in the sounds.

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Eryka is from Southern California, and has been in the Bay Area for 15 years. Eryka is queer, gender nonconforming, first generation Latinx and uses they/them pronouns. Before Eryka could walk they were clinging to the speakers that were part of their grandfather's mid-century console stereo. Marimba, bolero, mambo, musica tropicale, and classic country were Abuelito’s favorites. That would be the beginning of growing up 'between many musical worlds. With a father from Tijuana, who had a love for classic rock, and a mother that played Madonna, Prince, Rick James, and plenty of disco while getting ready to go out, Eryka absorbed it all.

With a deep rooted love of music, fashion, and community gatherings, Eryka started mixing at house parties as a teenager, and at late night private engagements back in their West Hollywood days. This would transition into hosting intimate listening sessions, curated playlists for events, creating mixes that were designed to evoke emotion.

When Eryka is not curating vibes for the people, their work is dedicated to ensuring workspaces have equitable foundational practices and processes. Eryka prioritizes identifying and dismantling inequities, along with reimagining and rebuilding what “HR” can truly mean by centering the human in “human resources”. Eryka is devoted to changing the blueprint of what historically has been called HR.

Eryka believes that the world is your runway, your outfit definitely matters so glance in the mirror before you leave, and that soundtrack better be ready for every step you take. Music has played a pivotal role in healing for Eryka, along with creating meditative vibes with their steel tongue drum, Tibetan sound bowl, and energy meditation chimes. Eryka believes that to know music in its wholeness, we must accept its mysteries. Music knows no fear of time, and when we are entranced in the music time doesn’t exist. Every human connection Eryka has made comes with a forever soundtrack in their journey through this life. Music brought us here.