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Latest Episodes
  • Today, Fairfield City Councilmember Doris Panduro talks about what it's like connecting directly with the people of her city in the latest episode in the series What Works: Grassroots Solutions around the Bay Area. Then, local author Gary Kamiya icon explores a big question in his latest collection of stories.
  • First, we meet a group of South Bay Bikers with a message and a mission. Then, Berkeley screenwriter Malcolm Spellman talks about his hit Marvel series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.”
  • Today we bring you the story of an indigenous Alaskan leader who is fighting to stop oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Then, a latin dance duo is creating more space on the dance floor for queer artists. And, how can you learn to be a father, from inside prison, to a child whose voice you’ve never even heard?
  • First, Alameda youth host a debate for candidates running for District 18 Assemblymember. Then, we hear about a case in Santa Clara County that tackles the issue of caste discrimination. And, we’ll hear an excerpt from a new anthology by Tureeda Mikell.
  • From the What Works Series, people in Solano County are turning to their neighbor’s fruit trees to help address food insecurity. Then, country singer Miko Marks talks about the lack of diversity in country music.
  • Activists and artists partner with BART to stop gender-based violence on trains and make TRAIN rides safer for girls. Today, we’ll hear about the #NotOneMoreGirl campaign. Then, Oakland songwriter Emily Brown, ponders the intersection of music and poetry. And, we learn how to improve our swing with former big league ball player Terry Whitfield.
  • Today, we look at a new podcast that looks at religion from new angles. We talk to executive editor of The Spiritual Edge Judy Silber and listen to a story from the latest episode. Then, from the producers of Uncuffed at Solano State Prison, we hear about the pain of losing a sibling to suicide.
  • At Umoja Health in Oakland, health care workers treat patients like family. Today, an episode of our new podcast What Works: Grassroots Solutions Around the Bay Area. And, we’ll hear how people are preparing for this year’s wildfire season, even as places are still recovering from last year.
  • Is California prepared for another looming crisis? We’ll get an update on this year’s extreme drought. Then, writer Elisa Camahort Page tells us what she thinks about the state of the tech industry today. And, Palo Alto author Irvin D. Yalom reads from his new memoir.
  • When COVID-19 forced a long-standing San Francisco soup kitchen outside, they decided to bring the food to people who needed it. Today, we get the story behind Mother Brown’s “Free Groceries Program” as part of a new series that explores local solutions to some of the pandemic’s biggest problems.It’s What Works: Grassroots Solutions Around The Bay.