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Crosscurrents is KALW Public Radio's award-winning news magazine, broadcasting Mondays through Thursdays on 91.7 FM. We make joyful, informative stories that engage people across the economic, social, and cultural divides in our community.

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Latest Episodes
  • This Black history month, Black folks are witnessing a moment of reclamation of country music. Today, we meet KALW DJ Eryka Vargas, who talks about the diverse music they grew up with, including country. Then, a conversation about San Francisco’s rich history of poetry with poets Norman Zelaya, Genny Lim, and KALW’s very own Josiah Luis Alderete. And, we look back on the career of one of the Bay Area’s most significant broadcast journalists — Belva Davis.
  • In today's episode, a founding Uncuffed producer visits prison again, this time as a free man. Tommy "Shakur" Ross shares stories and advice from almost two years of freedom.
  • In this episode, one of the Bay Area’s youngest politicians shares his vision for South San Francisco. We spend a day with South City’s newest mayor. Then, Oakland writer Tommy Orange talks about his new novel "Wandering Stars." And, we hear why February is dedicated to Black history.
  • Today, we explore the tight-knit community of lowriders in San Jose. We hear about hydraulic lifts, custom cars, and socio-political implications. Then, we learn how one lowrider club uses bikes to challenge assumptions. And, a drag queen reflects on the closure of an Oakland queer bar.
  • Malcolm X was often called a polarizing figure. But to one Egyptian diplomat he was a friend. Today, we hear about the friendship which helped lead to the late leader’s spiritual and political transformation. Then, we’ll hear the story of one man and the powerful draw of Islam in prison.
  • Today, we hear from the daughter of Betty Reid Soskin — the iconic 102-year-old park ranger. She shares a story about a different part of her mother's life many of us may not know about — her time as a singer. Then, how one group is working to keep Richmond’s rich music legacy alive.
  • Today, we discuss how wealthy entrepreneurs are influencing city government through money and social media in a conversation with Mission Local Managing Editor Joe Eskenazi. Then, ahead of the Day Of Remembrance, we go to the site of one of the camps where Japanese American farmers were incarcerated during World War II.
  • Today we’re presenting a Valentine’s special from The Stoop podcast. It’s hosted by Leila Day and KALW's own Hana Baba and it’s about Black identity. In this episode, they explore the various ways love is expressed in Black communities — through words, but also through music, dance, family, and friendship.
  • People in prison are no strangers to stigmas and stereotypes — the outside world often perpetuates ideas about who is incarcerated that are far from reality. But stigmas also exist within prison. Today, from Uncuffed, how an HIV diagnosis changed one baseball player’s life, and the unlikely support he found on his team.
  • Today, we visit a park in Stockton that is a weekend haven for Hmong and Cambodian food. We meet the vendors and eat family recipes at Angel Cruz Park. Then, how can you make your home less reliant on fossil fuels? And, a reading from Cameron Park author Beverly Parayno.