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Latest Episodes
  • Just one year after getting out of prison, an Uncuffed producer reflects on his freedom. Since getting out, he’s started teaching audio storytelling to other folks who were previously incarcerated. Today, we’ll hear some stories that came out of this class. Plus, we hear from three local writers about making a difference.
  • Today, we talk to a Richmond-based pop-punk artist about their creative process how they make energetic sound. Then, we learn the story behind the UC Berkeley students who are fighting for an anthropology library on campus. And, we meet a veteran who cares for other vets at the end of their lives in a piece from Storycorps.
  • In today's episode, we unravel the story behind a puzzling and peculiar sound. The Hum is a mysterious low pitch noise that is only heard by 2% of people worldwide. It's annoyed residents in San Francisco's Sunset District. So, in this story, we get to the bottom of this strange global phenomenon.
  • Today, we hear how dancing can be an act of remembrance. We sit down and have a conversation with San Francisco Carnaval Queen Mayela Carrasco. Then, we’ll go to Oakland and meet a dancer who doesn’t hear the music he dances to — he feels it. And, we listen to the story of a man who survived a prison riot by dancing.
  • Today, we hear how music can be a way to navigate identity, war and peace. What it means to be making music on the hyphen line with artist Meklit. Then, how a 13th century instrument from West Africa brings peace to 21st century hearts in the Bay Area. And, why it matters to sing for your homeland — even when it’s being devastated by war.
  • In this episode, we visit Richmond and hear about its rich music legacy. And we'll meet some dedicated locals who are remembering those golden years. And, they're also determined to keep the Blues in town and its history alive. Then, we meet a local rhythm and blues legend — Sugar Pie DeSanto — and learn how she got her start in the Fillmore District.
  • Today, we remember a Bay Area legend with an avalanche of lifetime achievement awards. Chris Strachwitz was a music archivist and a song catcher, dedicated to recording the traditional, regional, down home music of America. He died this month at the age of 91. To honor his memory today, we bring you a story from our friends at the Kitchen Sisters.
  • In this episode, we learn about a comic book artist who fought for women in the industry and made Wonder Women herstory. Then, we’ll meet a spiritual group based on Superman. And, we hear the story of a young boy with a unicorn obsession. Plus a reading from Los Altos author Ellen Barker. With local music from Pure Hex.
  • How can lawyers provide equal representation to all? Today, we hear about how one lawyer practices cultural competence in a legal system that often lacks it. Then, we listen to a conversation on how disabled doctors and medical students are working to help their colleagues understand disability. Plus, readings from Bay Area writers. With local music from Periscope.
  • Uncuffed is KALW’s prison radio training program where people in California prisons tell their stories. We’ve been leading classes in audio storytelling inside San Quentin State prison for over a decade. Today, we introduce you to the newest cohort of students in this program and hear some of their favorite and most meaningful songs.