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  • Today, we take a stroll through the neighborhood of rock and roll icon Jerry Garcia. Get ready for a long, strange trip. Then, we hear from professional wrestler Bambina on queer representation inside the ring. Also, we listen to a reading from Sacramento author Shelley Blanton-Stroud. And todays local music features Healing Potpourri.
  • Today, we hear how Emeryville is building an affordable housing project for two underserved social groups, senior citizens and foster youth. Then, we listen as a Bay Area photographer’s recounts his experience covering the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis. Followed by a reading from San Francisco author, Ingrid Rojas Contreras. And, today's local music features John R. Burr.
  • Today, we hear how one San Francisco woman uses fashion to express her love for Disney and bring joy to others, we are Disney bound. Then, we’ll head to Japantown to check out an anime & cosplay festival. And, we listen to a reading from San Francisco author Judith Berlowitz.
  • Today, we hear about an exhibit featuring garments by renowned Chinese designer Guo Pei. When East meets West and fashion meets fantasy. Then, we’ll visit a restaurant in conservative rural California that relies on Bay Area diners. And, we’ll listen to a reading from a San Francisco author Kirstin Chen.
  • Last week, San Francisco became the first major American city to declare a public health emergency for monkeypox, evoking fears of a previous epidemic from almost 40 years ago. Today, we speak with an expert on infectious disease about reducing the spread of monkeypox in the Bay Area. Then, we hear the history behind the United Farm Workers, the rise of the union founded by Cesar Chavez and its fall, as one historian describes it. And, we’ll listen to a reading from West Marin author Barbara Graham.
  • In June 2020, San Quentin had one of the biggest COVID-19 outbreaks in a California prison. 2,000 incarcerated people were infected, and 29 died. Two cellmates recount what it was like during that devastating time.
  • Today, we take a peek into Maya Songbird’s world in Oakland’s very own Magic Shop. Join us as we step through a portal on Peralta St. Then, we find out why gamers are still devoted to a nearly 30 year old fantasy game. And, we’ll hear a reading from San Francisco author Kimberly Unger.
  • Today, we hear how the Morcom Rose Garden in Oakland saw a huge uptick in visitors during the pandemic. We'll meet the volunteers who maintained the garden despite the difficulties of the past two years. Then, we hear about the first American theater company devoted to the Middle East. And, we listen to a reading from Oakland author Alec Scott.
  • Today, we meet the Oakland parents fighting to keep their neighborhood school open. Class remains in session at Parker Community School. Then, we hear from Reveal’s Melissa Lewis, about how for the unhoused, encounters with the police are often problematic. And, we listen to a reading from Stanford Medical School professor, Dr. Anna Lembke.
  • At San Quentin, Nate McKinney got what he's been dreaming about for decades: parole. Nate and the hosts of the KALW podcast Uncuffed talk about what it’s like to spend your life hoping to be free. Their conversation first aired in November and earlier this summer, it took first place as the Best Interview Podcast, in the 2022 Public Media Journalism Awards. So to celebrate, we’re giving it another listen.