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Cannabis in California

Cannabis in California rounds up KALW News' complete coverage of the Golden State’s latest boom economy — the “green rush” of legal marijuana for medical and adult recreational usage. 

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An East Oakland warehouse is ground zero of a unfortunate standoff between art and marijuana. Over 30 artists are facing possible eviction, after a cannabis investment fund bought their building—one of Oakland’s oldest live/work artist housing.

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California is becoming the largest legal marijuana market in the nation. It’s estimated that the industry will bring in more than $1 billion in taxes every year.

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Many messy discrepancies remain between state and federal law regarding cannabis use. For the estimated 5 millions immigrants living in California who are not U.S. citizens, the stakes are high — especially when it comes cannabis.

Our immigration reporter Ninna Gaensler-Debs tells us more about what Proposition 64 will mean for immigrants here in the Bay Area. 

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Most of us don’t even think about the health effects of cannabis secondhand smoke — partly because there’s very little research being done on it.

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Starting a marijuana business is not so simple; there are a lot of rules and fees, especially if you are buying or selling the actual plant. But people are finding many different routes into the industry.

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An unknown number of parents across the state are using medical cannabis to ease their children’s repeated seizures, treat the symptoms of autism or relieve the pain of cerebral palsy. But cannabis is not allowed on school grounds. One North Bay family is hoping to change that.


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On January 1, it becomes legal to sell recreational marijuana in California. But the laws about driving impaired by the drug remain hazy. You can’t drive “under the influence.” So how much influence is too much? An emerging industry is trying to solve that problem.


Holly J. McDede

Oakland is offering people impacted by cannabis-related arrests a leg up in the marijuana business permitting process. But permits alone can’t help businesses thrive.

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Ben Durkee is a true Trinity local. He’s lived and worked in the Northern California county his entire life.  

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In Humboldt County, a team of researchers have been using satellite images to study cannabis grow sites for three years.