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Media Roundtable: The Fallout From The Mob Attack At The US Capitol & The COVID Crisis In The UK

  On this edition of Your Call’s media roundtable, we're discussing the fallout from last week’s violent attack on the US Capitol. The pro-Trump rioters also went after the news media. They etched “Murder the media” onto a door in the Capitol, punched an AP photographer, threatened journalists, and damaged or stole their equipment.

Later in the show, we'll discuss the COVID pandemic in England. The virus has infected more than 3 million people and more than 84,000 have died. 


Dan Froomkin, editor of Press Watch

Jesse Wegman, member of the New York Times editorial board and author of Let the People Pick the President: The Case for Abolishing the Electoral College

Beth Gardiner, London-based environmental journalist 


Web Resources:


Jesse Wegman


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The Washington Post: Far-right groups make plans for protests and assaults before and after Inauguration Day

The Guardian: 'We're the news now': Pro-Trump mob targeted journalists at US Capitol

The Guardian: Coronavirus variant from UK 'must not get out of hand' warns EU

BBC: Covid-19: Surge leaves key hospital services 'in crisis'

The Financial Times: UK set to step up coronavirus vaccinations

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