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Revisiting 'Jorgito's Journey' with Karen de Sá

Jul 10, 2018


As the nation has been following for weeks now, thousands of migrant children coming to the United States are separated from their families at the Southern border.

Many of these kids end up shuffled from shelters, to foster homes — and some end up with extended family here in the U.S. That’s the story of Jorgito. He’s a 5-year-old Guatemalan boy who now lives in San Mateo County with family. But his journey was a harrowing one.

"This is a really small child who has pretty much traveled through four states by himself since December."

San Francisco Chronicle reporter Karen de Sá told her story in a Sunday article entitled "Jorgito’s Journey." She spoke with Crosscurrents host Hana Baba about Jorgito.