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Porfirio Rangel was a fellow in the Audio Academy class of 2019.

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Cindy Emch is the queer country lead singer for The Secret Emchy Society. You can dance to her music or enjoy it in a low tempo mood. Cindy knows how to reach people when they're at the bars (metaphorically speaking), lonely, or in love. In this edition of Bay Area Beats, Cindy shares the band's history and its connection to the Bay Area.

Shelter-in-place caused many artists to postpone or cancel live concert events, but that didn’t stop Freddie from releasing new material or performing online. In this edition of Bay Area Beats, the Oakland-based R&B singer talks about how releasing their debut album Melanin Monroe helped them express what it means to be black and genderfluid.

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Hey Area is where you ask the questions and we find the answers. Today’s question comes from Monzerrath Gonzalez: “Who are the most influential Latinos in the Bay Area?”

Courtesy of Cecilia Pena-Govea

Cecilia Peña-Govea is La Doña. She is a Chicana artist whose music explores themes of romance, feminism, and identity. In this edition of Bay Area Beats, La Doña talks about finding her sound in San Francisco’s diverse Latinx communities.

Courtesy of Helkina

San Francisco drag queen Heklina is ending “Mother,” the long-running weekly show that she hosts at Oasis. 

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With Hallow’s Eve just around the corner, it's time to bring out the ghosts and ghouls that make the celebration fun. But drag performer, Hollow Eve, takes it a step further and leaves a crowd at the edge of their seat. Hollow pushes the limits of what their body can do.

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If you take BART often, your ride has probably been interrupted by folks playing instruments, rapping, dancing — or all of the above. This month, BART’s Board of Directors will be considering a ban on aggressive panhandling, which might effectively put an end to busking on board.

Courtesy of Enon Gaines

In this edition of Bay Area Beats, Enon talks about the rush and raw energy in combining hip-hop and punk.

Courtesy of Pearl Teese

With campy outfits, over-the-top makeup, and sky-high wigs, drag sells a fantasy of how to become a larger-than-life character and a big dose of escapism. But fantasy met a big dose of reality a year ago when world famous drag queen RuPaul defended his decision to not allow openly trans drag queens on his show, RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Courtesy of Gabby Rivera

While growing up in the Bronx, writer Gabby Rivera would sit at her grandmother’s dining table listening to stories from her “sheroes” — the women in her family. Gabby infused elements from her own life into America Chavez, Marvel Comics’ first queer Latina superhero with her very own series. 

Devin Nelson, guitarist for out of this world space pop group The Y-Axes, shares with us a tune from Los Campesinos. 

How do you think artists should tackle the topic of death in their work? For Devin, it's headfirst. 

Is there a special song you sing along to with someone in your family? Maybe a song that helped you understand each other?  

Alexjandra Rodriguez from Oakland tells us a sentimental story behind the 2Pac classic "Dear Mama."

Sights & Sounds: Gabby Rivera

May 2, 2019

Sights & Sounds is your weekly guide to the Bay Area arts scene. Gabby Rivera is the Author of the Marvel Comic Series America. She told KALW’s Jeneé Darden about three fantastic arts events happening around the Bay this weekend.

Alexi Rose Belchere from The Y Axes brings to us "Every Day's the Weekend," by Alex Lahey. Have you ever wanted to skip work and stay in bed? We suggest doing just that while giving this Mixtape a listen.

Porfirio Rangel

In this edition of Bay Area Beats, Alexi Rose Belchere and Devin Nelson from the Y Axes talk about using science fiction to express emotional concepts and how San Francisco ties into their music.

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If Freddie Mercury & David Bowie had a star child her name would be Kat Robichaud. She is an over-the-top, theatrical rocker whose career got a boost when she participated on the TV hit “The Voice.”

Today's mixtape is brought to you by our own Audio Academy fellow, Porfirio Rangel!

Kat Robichaud is a local powerhouse of theatrical rock and creator of Misfit Cabaret, a fluid reimagination of the variety show. She brings to us "Faust," by Paul Williams  for a raw take on love and the music industry. "Faust" is from Phantom of the Paradise, the musical rock opera.