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Bay Poets

"This Tuesday I’m Voting for the Sun" by poet Andrew Paul Nelson

Andrew Paul Nelson is a North Beach poet and one of the founders of the Coit Tower Poetry Club. He owns and operates a wine bar and poetry bookstore in North Beach called Golden Sardine with his wife Caitlyn.

this tuesday I’m voting for the sun

knowing full well

how it will turn out

another day

another body count


my enemies are anything

keeping me from sleep

birth and death are the same

I am perfect except

when I am awake

truly detached and

writing in the dark

reciting decapitation arias

from the balcony AMERIKA

it’s time to shit

or have the pot

violently pulled out

from beneath you

like the blade set free

from everything but gravity

that which is coming

cannot be stopped

unceded land reclaimed

by oceans of unquenchable thirst

bloated beach glass

number the clock hands


they claim this coastline

is dead men walking

claim to have burned the temple

to meet god AMERIKA

how many more artists

must hang themselves

in single room occupancies

before we begin beheading?

before you call your doctor

and confess?

it ain’t the apples

it’s the tree

what hideousness lay

still beneath their branches