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Victor Tence is a graduate of City College of San Francisco's journalism program.

After spending 6 years cooking in bay area kitchens he is passionate about covering the local hospitality, food and agriculture industry, as a way to advocate for the community he loves. 

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Danielle Fuentes Morgan is the author of “Laughing to Keep from Dying: African American Satire in the Twenty-First Century.”

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In these final days before the election, we’ve been checking in with locations around the Bay Area with the lowest voter turnout rates. We’ve gone to Richmond, East Palo Alto, West Oakland, and today we go to San Francisco's Bayview-Hunters Point district to hear what’s being done there to engage voters.

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In the final weeks before the election, we’re checking in with five locations in the Bay Area with the lowest voter turnout rates. Today, we go to East Palo Alto, a city with a 62% Latinx population. This year they are voting for city councilmembers and on Measure V, an affordable housing tax on hotels. 

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In the final weeks leading up to the election, we’re checking in on five locations in the Bay Area with the lowest voter turnout rates: Richmond, East Palo Alto, Bayview, Fairfield, and West Oakland. Today, we're going to Oakland.

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We are listening to our audience to cover the issues that matter most to you this election season. This story is one example, and please share your own questions here.

In these last couple weeks leading up to the elections, we’re talking to people in Bay Area neighborhoods with the lowest voter turnout. Today, we go to the City of Richmond in Contra Costa County.

John Taylor


John Taylor, also known as One Shot Johnny, is a mobile butcher. He’s always considered himself essential. But as some of the largest COVID-19 outbreaks have forced some large slaughterhouses to temporarily close, John has never been busier. In this installment of "The Essentials," John gives KALW's Victor Tence an intro to mobile butchery. 

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Muni tweeted, Tuesday, that it wouldn’t carry officers to demonstrations protesting police brutality anymore. The police union tweeted back, telling Muni officials “to lose our number” and to look elsewhere for help when it comes to fare evasion and removing unwanted passengers. So San Francisco agencies — let’s settle down and figure out what you can actually do here.


What a long strange trip it’s been.

If that sounds like a graduation speech cliche, it’s because it is. The 2020 Audio Academy is drawing to a close, and when I take stock around me the trip only seems to be growing longer and more strange.

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This new budget is a balancing act. One that needs to bridge a $246 million dollar deficit. In order to get there, the city will withdraw half of the general fund reserve and reduce funding for capital projects.

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District 4 Supervisor Gordon Mar stood on a sand dune at Ocean Beach as he led a gathering crowd of protestors in a chant. He called the march, which began at the intersection of Sloat and Great Highway, the first of its kind. 

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Earlier this year, the Governor made it clear he wanted to close one state prison in the next five years. Now, a revised budget plan proposes the closure of two, in three years. Either way, this would be the first California prison to be shuttered in more than two decades.

Hair Salons Reopening / Church Service Guidelines / Spare The Air Days Resurging

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The Spare the Air season normally begins on May 4. But the district said at that time, so few people were driving because of shelter in place that the air quality was actually really good.

Now as stay at home orders relax. More people are driving. 

$54 Billion Shortfall Projected In New California Budget Proposal / SF Regulators Recommend New Policies To Protect Gig Workers / Concerns Over Secrecy Due To Suspended Access To Public Records / Contra Costa Courts Begin Reopening On May 26

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The Contra Costa Superior Court announced that they will reopen all locations to the public on May 26. Other Bay Area courts, such as San Francisco and Santa Clara, will follow on June 1.  

This means that prospective jurors scheduled after those dates will be expected to appear in person. Officials also warn that you should expect to wait in line when you arrive.

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Tenderloin residents have been raising alarm bells about deteriorating conditions in their neighborhood. And yesterday, the mayor responded.

California’s Impending Budget Shortfall / State Restrictions Loosened / Fremont’s Minimum Wage Postponement / San Francisco Addresses Homeless Crowds

California Beaches To Remain Open, Except In Orange County LA To Offer Widespread Testing To All Residents / UCSF Scientists Identify Drugs That May Slow COVID-19/ SF Judge Seeks Release Of Immigrants Detained Without Proper Social Distancing / Pacific Gas And Electric Forced To Comply With Stricter Inspections

California Beaches To Remain Open, Except In Orange County

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The order comes about one month after PG&E pleaded guilty to 84 counts of involuntary manslaughter during the 2018 Camp Fire. It was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history. Investigations later revealed it began when one old and worn metal hook snapped off a transmission tower. 

Unemployment Benefits / Californians Volunteering / Elective Surgeries Allowed / SF Transit Hikes

California Hospitals Resume Non-Emergency Surgeries California Doctors On The Front Lines In New York City / SF To Increate Public Transit Fees / COVID-19 Caseload In Navajo Nation / Northwestern California Experiencing Severe Drought

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On Wednesday, Governor Gavin Newsom partially lifted hospital restrictions. That’s because successful social distancing has left the state’s hospitals well below capacity. 

Financial Relief For California Gig Workers / COVID-19 In Nursing Homes / Fremont Workers Required To Wear Face Coverings / San Francisco Bill To Protect Renters After Crisis

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Since the shutdown, 2.7 million Californians have applied for unemployment. And today, there’s good news if you are self-employed, or an independent contractor: The state is developing a one-stop website to make it easier to apply. 

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Property crimes in the City are down by double digits compared to this time last year. A lot of that is due to the quarantine. But business owners report that break-ins are increasingly common and vandals are getting bolder. 

ICU Cases Diminishing / California's Help / Sheltering First Responders And Homeless Residents / Nonessential Businesses Vulnerable To Vandalism / Ghost Ship Defendant Likely To Be Released / Tribute To Phyllis Lyon

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Social distancing works. It’s also better to do it sooner rather than later. That’s what early indicators show, two weeks into California state’s all-but-essential-workers quarantine.

COVID-19 numbers / Call for collaboration / Distance learning / Curry meets Fauci

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On March 25, the San Francisco Unified School District began the second phase of a three-part plan to help get students back on track while campuses remain closed. 

Local comic book writer Jaimel Hemphill began a life long obsession with visual story telling medium at the age of seven. His love for comics and creating only grew, and one particular song gave him the extra superpowers he needed.