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bf thames at a computer workstation at the Solano State Prison media center

bf thames

Uncuffed Producer

Brian “bf” Thames has published five non-fiction books while incarcerated over the last 30 years. A pending 6th book advocating self-reliance and better decision making in potentially dangerous encounters is on the way. Learning languages is an exciting pastime for him. He’s become reasonably fluent in French, conversational in Spanish, and learned ASL during the Covid-19 pandemic. His favorite animals are Great Danes, and any variation of parrots/parakeets. Acquiring general knowledge and education about the world and existence tends to make him giddy.

  • Uncuffed
    In California, incarcerated people legally have to work. One thing the jobs have in common? The next-to-nothing pay. Uncuffed gets down to business on the topic of involuntary servitude.
  • Uncuffed
    Meet an Uncuffed producer as he leaves prison. Luis shares his hopes for a new life, and his colleagues inside talk about getting used to a reality without him.
  • Uncuffed
    An original Uncuffed producer visits prison again, this time as a free man. Tommy "Shakur" Ross shares stories and advice from almost two years of freedom.
  • Uncuffed
    When violence has been normal for so long, it can be difficult to give it up. The Uncuffed team at Solano shares stories about the moments they decided to change course.
  • Uncuffed
    bf thames at Solano on "Take Me To Church" by Hozier. It's the Uncuffed My Mixtape, where we listen to our producers' favorite songs.
  • Uncuffed
    Can pets in prison create healing? Uncuffed goes inside a special dog training program at Solano, and shares what it’s like to do time with a four-legged companion.
  • Uncuffed
    The Solano team shares their stories of maintaining love from behind bars, and intense heartbreak of losing someone you love.
  • After being stabbed in a prison riot, Lavell Stewart faced a choice. He could seek revenge... or he could break the decades-long cycle of violence that had roots all the way back in his childhood.
  • Our new group of producers at Solano State Prison in Vacaville talk about their memories, their dreams, and what they like about making radio.
  • For people in prison, the holiday season can be a painful time. Many miss their families and traditions. But it’s also a time when they get together with food and acts of kindness. During the holiday season, we're playing you a favorite episode from season one, all about making it through the holidays in prison.

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