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Marin's Underage Substance Abuse Problem / Super Bowl LVIII / "Illustrated Black History"

Gillian Emblad
Gillian Emblad

Marin County's teens are using substances at a rate of nearly twice the state average; Super Bowl LVIII; George McCalman's Illustrated Black History

Marin County is consistently ranked as the #1 healthiest county in California but there is one notable exception; when it comes to underage substance use, Marin's rate is nearly twice the state’s average! Adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Emily Tejani and Dr. Matt Willis, Marin county's public health officer discuss the problem and some solutions.

AND We'll play Monday night quarterbacks with Steve Berman, the "Bay Area Sports Guy" at The Athletic, who will provide analysis of the Super Bowl, plus his latest on the Warriors and the A's.

FINALLY, We'll hear all about George McCalman's book Illustrated Black History: Honoring the Iconic and Unseen

Producers: Gillian Emblad, Katie Colley, Wendy Holcombe

Hosts: Ethan Elkind, Grace Won

Additional resources:
Let's Talk - parental toolkit for navigating teen substance abuse
Raising the Bar - campaign to change social modeling of substance use around children
Be the Influence - parenting program to help delay adolescent substance use.