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Inflection Point: Artists and Activists in the Resistance-Sarah Sofie Flicker and Paola Mendoza

Photo by Guy Furrow/modified from original
Paola Mendoza and Sarah Sofie Flicker

On today’s IP we're going to take you back in time--to right after the election of Donald Trump,

and introduce you to the leaders of the first Women’s March in 2017 to hear what we can learn about the role of art in activism for 2020. As national organizers for The Women’s March and leaders of The Resistance Revival Chorus, artist activists Paola Mendoza and Sarah Sophie Flicker see their purpose as connecting fellow members of The Resistance to the moments of joy and transcendence that come with being a part of history in the making. They walk in the footsteps of the Nina Simone’s and Joan Baez’s and Aretha Franklin’s of the world--the artists who helped to fuel the Civil Rights movement by nourishing the souls of the people who marched for freedom.

Inflection Point is taking a break, so this will be our last episode for now. Please stay in touch, check out past episodes and hear more from Lauren about this changehere.

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Lauren Schiller is the host and creator ofInflection Point, a podcast and nationally syndicated public radio show about how women rise up. Launched in 2015, and produced in partnership with KALW and PRX, Inflection Point was one of the first radio shows and podcasts in the country to exclusively feature conversations with women about how they build power and lead change. In 2008, Lauren co-created and co-hosted “The Lady Brain Show”, one of the first ever female-led podcasts. Lauren is an award-winning producer, was the Executive Producer of Audio for Salon Media, where she is a regular contributor, and has been a guest host for “The Conversation” on BBC World Service. Lauren is also a speaker and moderator at live events including INFORUM, The Commonwealth Club, Bay Area Book Festival, JCCSF, and Cal Performances