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Cannabis News Roundup: When do Prop. 64 provisions go into effect?

Wikimedia Commons, used under license from Google Images (commercial use & modifications allowed / cropped from original)

All you need to know about passage of Prop. 64 ... Marijuana at work? ... Better eye sight with pot ... and more.


 San Francisco’s Cannabis Legalization Task Force has a wish list // SFgate.com

“San Francisco decision-makers should move quickly to license the city’s medical cannabis farms, kitchens and testing labs and add more dispensaries, the city’s special Legalization Task Force recommended Wednesday.”


Adult Use of Marijuana Act passes in California // ASA

The headline above links to a breakdown of how (and when) things change with the passage of Prop. 64 (AUMA), provided by Americans for Safe Access. The vote was 60.6% in favor, 39.94 against.

Got a minute? That’s the length of my radio report on the passage of Prop. 64. You’ll find it here,  as the first story.

When do Prop. 64 provisions take effect?  // SFevergreen.com

Some are in effect right now, others will take a while. See the breakdown here, and check the next story, too.

Statewide ballot results concerning cannabis // DrugSense.org

How did your county or city vote?

This election was a tipping point for legalization // Washington Post

Will a change in federal laws be far behind?

Prop. 64 passed, but implementation is needed // Brownie Mary Club

“[T]he state legislature must enact implementing legislation. With its control of the state legislature, the Democratic Party is the key to implementing Prop. 64 in a way that is fair and will carry out the intentions and spirit of Prop. 64.”


Prop. 64 passage brings changes for the industry // SFChronicle

“One of the most significant changes would be economic: The price of cannabis would inevitably drop, as it has in Washington and Colorado, and that alone would upend the industry. That’s a boon to consumers, but a bust for all but the best, most efficient growers.” [Editor’s note: This story appeared prior to the election.]

No cannabis at work, even if legal statewide // SF Chronicle

Can you sip a wine cooler while at work or chug a beer on your break? Probably not.  The same prohibitions also still apply to marijuana. And “[e]mployers can still refuse to hire an applicant who tests positive for marijuana in a pre-employment drug test and fire workers who are tested for permissible reasons and fail the test, said Marti Fisher, a policy advocate with the California Chamber of Commerce.”  Remember: it’s still a Schedule I drug on the federal level.

Marijuana is a major boost for Colorado’s economy // Alternet

“Each dollar spent on retail cannabis generates $2.40 in state output, while cannabis manufacturing follows with $2.34 and cannabis cultivation comes in at a close $2.13. Combining the three, cannabis is generating far more than any other entity, including federal government spending.”


Cannabis may improve night vision // Alternet.org

“[R]esearchers from the Montreal Neurological Institute suggest smoking weed may help your night vision by decreasing the eyes' sensitivity to light.”

A potential CBD cure for nicotine addiction // SF Weekly

A California company is working on approval, but it would only be for “those who smoke, dip, or chew,” not for smokers of tobacco.