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Cannabis News Roundup: January 24, 2014

Sativa leaf

Obama: pot less harmful than alcohol… Drug arrests down 30% in San Francisco… Farm Bureau endorses reclassification of industrial hemp... A petition and a survey… and more.


President Obama says cannabis is “less harmful than alcohol,” but legalization “is going to be a challenge” in Colorado and Washington // USA Today

Here’s that New Yorker interview where the President makes his statement. // The New Yorker    It’s in “IV-The Welcome Table,” just before “V-The Magic Kingdom.”

SF could save millions with smaller jail “largely because of a decrease in drug-related arrests” // SF Gate

Unlicensed sales continue in Denver, despite legalization // Westword

American Farm Bureau: Industrial hemp’s classification as a controlled substance should be repealed // Kentucky.com


Don’t look for cannabis ads on Facebook or Google // MJ Business Daily


“It’s now completely acceptable for politicians from both parties to publicly support cannabis or drug reform in general.” // MJ Business Daily

California needs to keep moving ahead on legalization, because “what we’re doing in California is not working.” // Office of Tom Ammiano, Assembly member

Legalize, but don’t advertise // SF Gate    Cannabis is readily available, without promotion, says Jonathan Zimmerman.

Petition: If marijuana is less harmful than alcohol, remove it’s Schedule 1 designation // Marijuana Policy Project

What’s your professional opinion? Marijuana Business Daily wants to hear from people working or investing in the US marijuana industry.  // MJ Business Daily    As with the recent customer survey, this only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

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