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Young voters less "pissed off" after election

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Under CC license from Flickr user ekai

President Obama is said to have won thanks to the support of his base, which includes young people. The San Francisco offshoot of the young and progressive/liberal organization calls itself the League of Pissed Off Voters, but last night, members were in a pretty good mood.

A lot of the measures they endorsed with their Pissed Off Voter guide passed, including Proposition 30, the statewide education funder, and Proposition 36, the Three-Strikes reform. One of the local measures they were most excited about was Prop A, the parcel tax that will fund the struggling City College of San Francisco. Jeremy Pollock is a member of the group’s steering committee.

“City College is hanging by a thread, financially, but as an institution, it’s a thriving, huge part of S.F.,” said Pollack. “City College serves, like, 100,000 San Franciscans –  100,000 people a year – and seeing it get that funding to like keep it alive is like a huge victory for the people that we care about and that care about the league.”

The league was also happy to see its favored candidates win, with the victory of progressive supervisor Eric Mar a highlight. He won handily in District 1 against the highly funded David Lee.

“That’s sort of like the last, like, bastion we have of holding on to progressive organizing in San Francisco, is these district leaders who can represent a neighborhood, and organize a neighborhood,” said Pollack. “We haven’t figured out how to do it on a citywide level against these huge like million dollar onslaughts, but at least we’re holding on, like in district elections.”

It was a good night for progressives, but it sounds like there’s still plenty to be pissed off about.