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StoryCorps: Our Mission No Eviction

Oct 26, 2016

Roberto Hernandez is a leader of the "Our Mission No Eviction" campaign, and he's seen plenty of change come to his neighborhood. A lot of people in his community have been forced to leave the Mission over the last few years. 

AHKEEL MESTAYER: You understand that – what a neighborhood means – when it's your only neighborhood. When its the only place you can speak Spanish to someone in a little tienda. And I think [newcomers] don't understand that when they come in.

Here, Hernandez speaks with young Mission local Ahkeel Mestayer about the changes they've seen in their neighborhood. 

This story was produced by KALW's Truc Nguyen and facilitated by Sophia Simon-Ortiz for Storycorps San Francisco. If you want to interview a loved one for Storycorps at the San Francisco Public Library, you can make an online reservation here


This story originally aired in February of 2016.