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Radio Poets 2015: Jessica Ojeda Paz

Apr 23, 2015

Jessica Ojeda Paz, a student at E R Taylor Elementary School, is today's Radio Poet
Credit AmericaSCORES Bay Area




Jessica Ojeda, ER Taylor


I went to Jupiter as fast as light. 

On my long journey I looked outside, 

it was a beautiful night. 

I saw millions of lights. 

I landed on Jupiter; as I walked around 

I felt different types of air. 

I thought, “what a beautiful place” 

I wish to stay

on this peaceful and clean place. 

I felt a nice warm air blowing at me. 

I wish people can live here

I called my family to come with me. 

We were sad it was time to leave. 

As we blasted off of Jupiter, thoughts of its beauty filled our minds. 

It was hard to say goodbye to this amazing place.