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Cannabis News Roundup: What's in your vape pen?

Mar 24, 2017

Major changes in Oakland pot regulations ... Cannabis at the gym ... What’s in your vape pen? ... Woody Harrelson, Grateful Dead ... and more. 


Oakland drops residency requirement for dispensary ownership // SFChronicle

“Oakland lawmakers Tuesday withdrew a legally questionable component of their newly minted cannabis ordinances that would have largely barred non-city residents from opening a pot business there. The latest revisions — an effort by City Council members to contain the fallout from their attempt to put Oakland residents ahead of outsiders — mean the implementation of the laws will be delayed by several weeks.”

Past use of cannabis no longer bars Oakland job applicants //

“Past non-work-related cannabis use will no longer be a reason to bar applicants in the hiring process for the city of Oakland, according to a resolution by Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan that was passed unanimously by the City Council on Tuesday evening.”


Watch reporters wearing “pot goggles” ride tricycles // Las Vegas Review Journal

“Members of the news media were invited out to the Nevada Highway Patrol’s Southern Command parking lot Tuesday to don ‘marijuana goggles’ and see what the road looks like to those who drive while high.” The point is to show that “drugged driving” is as potentially dangerous as “drunk driving.”


Sonoma, known for wine, branches into cannabis // New York Times

“In the heart of Northern California’s wine country, a civil engineer turned marijuana entrepreneur is adding a new dimension to the art of matching fine wines with gourmet food: cannabis and wine pairing dinners.”

Founder of 420 Games takes cannabis to the gym // USA Today

“It’s not about getting high. It’s about keeping my mind engaged in the activity that I’m in,” says Jim McAlpine, owner of “the world’s first marijuana gym.”

Pot parties: not just for stoners anymore // NYT

“’You know where you would go to a dinner and bring a fancy bottle of wine? That’s what we want, dinner-party culture,’” says a founder of “an upscale line of cannabis vaporizers and edible pastilles.”


What’s in your vape pen? //

“Vaping might be convenient, but that's the catch: few consumers have any idea what they're actually vaping, what chemicals are mixed in with the cannabis oil, and what materials comprise the actual hardware. The vaporizer supply chain is fairly opaque, and the average person has little way to verify that what they're inhaling is safe to consume.”

Study: Teen pot use not increasing with legalization //

Washington state surveyed 38,000 high school students about their marijuana use since recreational use has been legal. Click on the headline above to see the results.

More dispensaries want elders as customers // SF Chronicle

“Finding and acquiring medical cannabis in the Bay Area can be a daunting task for atypical users like seniors. They’re not familiar with dispensary locator sites, and they often have limited mobility and are easily intimidated by the kinds of rougher neighborhoods that city officials have been shunting dispensaries into. Here The Chronicle reviews the best dispensaries in the Bay Area for seniors — places where the parking is easy, the atmosphere is inviting, and the service and products are top-notch.”


San Diego PD drugged-driving test has flaws, but moves in right direction // San Diego Union-Tribune

“Thankfully, Proposition 64 provides funding for attempts to devise more reliable law enforcement tools. The UC San Diego Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research sees promise in field tests that measure reaction time, attention, coordination and perception instead of THC. For now, though, accurately testing drivers for marijuana impairment remains problematic — and legal headaches await authorities who insist otherwise.” 


No more pot for actor Woody Harrelson // The Cannifornian

Harrelson, known for his cannabis use, stopped because “he felt like the drug was ‘keeping me from being emotionally available.’” 

Twenty One Pilots have cooler trikes than the NHP // YouTube

This has no relation to cannabis, but reporters riding tricycles [See Cops & Courts] reminds me of this video by Twenty One Pilots. These three-wheeled rides are way cooler.


Grateful Dead band members arrested for marijuana – 50 years ago //

Eleven residents of 710 Ashbury St., including two band members, two managers and several women living with the band, were handcuffed together and hauled away by police on Oct. 2, 1967.San Francisco narcotics officers, who took more than a pound or marijuana and hashish from the residence, said they were working off a tip from an informant.”