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Maria Yates: it takes a few listens to really delve into what's going on there.

Maria Yates wearing a patterned shirt

Maria Yates may no longer be on the KALW airwaves as a music programmer, but she remains behind the scenes as the lead teacher for the Uncuffed Playlist. In the program, Maria works with a group of incarcerated men who are training to be radio DJs. They share songs around a particular theme and tell stories about their selections, making connections with listeners on the inside and outside. On this episode of On Repeat, Maria shares songs that she discovered on the radio.

“It really brings all of us incarcerated or not closer together.”

Intro: The Chills - “Pink Frost”

Song 1: Au Pairs - “It’s Obvious” 

“I love the theme, but I just love the beat. I love the groove.”

Song 2: Big Blood - “No Human Color”

“They're kind of a family band, so that the blood reference holds very true."

Song 3: Charlotte Gainsbourg - “Memoir”

“The lyrics, when you really stop and listen to them, are somewhat dark. And yet, they're very self reflective.”

Learn more about the Uncuffed Playlist.