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KALW Almanac: Monday, Aug. 1, 2016


Today Monday, 1st of August of 2016 is the 214th day of the year. There are 152 days remaining until the end of the year. The sun rose in San Francisco at 6:15 am and sunset will be at 8:17 pm.

Today we will have 14 hours and 2 minutes of sun. 

The solar transit will be at 1:16 pm. 

The first low tide was at 5:08 am 

and the next low tide will be at 4:56 pm. 

The first high tide will be at 12:13 pm 

and the next high tide at 11:09 pm.

The Moon is 2.3% illuminated, a Waning Crescent

New Moon Tomorrow

Moonrise Today: 5:06 AM↑ 68° East

Moonset Today: 7:26 PM↑ 291° Northwest

First Quarter Moon 10th of August of 2016 at 11:21 am

Full Moon18th of August of 2016 at 2:27 am in 17 days

Last Quarter Moon24th of August of 2016 at 8:41 pmin 23 days

The beginning of autumn observances, Lughnasadh "Lunasa" in the Northern hemisphere, 

and spring observances in the Southern hemisphere, called Imbolc; traditionally begins on the eve of August 1, celebrated by the Gaels, in Ireland, in Scotland, and among Neopagans

Lammas, or "Loaf-Mass", celebrating the wheat harvest, in England, Scotland, Neopagans

August 1 is the title of an Indian cinema film, a drama  loosely based on the 1971 British novel The Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth, originally shot in Malayalam, and later remade in Telugu

Today is Homemade Pie Day



National Girlfriends Day

National Minority Donor Awareness Day

National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

Play Ball Day

Respect for Parents Day

Rounds Resounding Day



Spiderman Day

US Air Force Day

Woman Astronomers Day

World Wide Web Day

Armed Forces Day in Lebanon

Armed Forces Day in China or Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Liberation Army in the People's Republic of China

Azerbaijani Language and Alphabet Day in Azerbaijan

Celebration of the Slavery Abolition Act 1833 which ended the slavery in the British Empire, generally celebrated as a part of Carnival, as the Caribbean Carnival takes place at 
this time in the British West Indies

Minden Day in the United Kingdom

National Day, celebrates the independence of Benin from France in 1960.

National Day, commemorates Switzerland becoming a single unit in 1291.

Official Birthday and Coronation Day of the King of Tonga

Parents' Day in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Statehood Day in Colorado

Pachamama Raymi celebrated by the Quechuan speaking people in Ecuador and Peru

The first day of Carnaval del Pueblo in Burgess Park, London

Victory Day in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam

World Scout Scarf Day

Yorkshire Day in Yorkshire, England

If today is your birthday, Happy Birthday to you!  You get to share your special day with...

1770William Clark,American explorer; partner of Meriwether Lewis

1779Francis Scott Key,American lawyer and composer of U.S. national anthem

1819Herman Melville,American novelist, short story writer and poet

1843Robert Todd Lincoln,American son of Abraham Lincoln; served as Secretary of War under Presidents Garfield and Arthur



1874Charles Spaulding, the insurance man who built one of America's largest black-owned businesses

1932Meir Kahane,American-born Israeli rabbi; founded the Jewish Defense League



1931Ramblin' Jack Elliott, American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1933Dom DeLuise, American actor, singer, director, and producer (d. 2009)

1941Ron Brown,American politician and Commerce secretary (1993-96)



1942Jerry Garcia, American singer-songwriter and guitarist for Grateful Dead, also the Legion of Mary, Old and in the Way, and New Riders of the Purple Sage (d. 1995)

1949Jim Carroll, American poet and author (d. 2009)

1978Dhani Harrison, English singer-songwriter and guitarist, and son of former Beatle George Harrison.  Dhani has performed with Thenewno2, the Traveling Wilburys, and 
Fistful of Mercy.

On this day in history…



1715The Riot Act comes into force in England.

1790The first U.S. census was completed, showing a population of nearly 4 million people.

1876Colorado was admitted to the union as the 38th state.

1944An uprising broke out in Warsaw, Poland, against Nazi occupation.

1957 The United States and Canada form the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

1960Dahomey (later renamed Benin) declares independence from France.

1966Charles Whitman kills 16 people at the University of Texas at Austin before being killed by the police.

1980 Vigdís Finnbogadóttir is elected President of Iceland and becomes the world's first democratically elected female head of state.

1981MTV begins broadcasting in the United States and airs its first video, "Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles.

1988Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh began broadcasting his nationally syndicated radio program.

1995Westinghouse Electric Corp. struck a deal to buy CBS for $5.4 billion.

2011The U.S. House of Representatives passed, 269-161, emergency legislation to avert the nation's first-ever financial default.