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Radio Poets: Angelika De Castro

Angelika De Castro is a student at San Francisco's Tenderloin Elementary School, where she writes poetry and plays soccer as part of the AmericaSCORES program.  KALW is proud to bring her voice to the air during National Poetry Month.

"The Elements"
By Angelika De Castro

--Dedicated to the Philippines--


Red, orange, yellow the color of the flame.
Red, orange, yellow easy to blame.
Hot not cold, smoky and bold
Fire is hot, it can burn gold

Earth is rocky but don’t be shocked
You wont be poked by one of those rocks.
Earth, the rigid land, that which reminds me of my stubborn friend

Blue, clear, and sometimes green
Water lends life to us and everything
Ice, liquid, and even steam
Water cools, purifies and clean

Shoosh, air goes as it whistles pass your ear
In typhoon and hurricanes, Boom is what you hear
As it rampages, rips, and tears

(Music: "Visions" by the SFJAZZ Collective)