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StoryCorps: One conversation, two stories of life, family and politics

Marcelina Delgadillo (left) and partner Peg Lum (right)

Here at Crosscurrents, one of the first assignments we give the fellows in our Audio Academy is to listen to a 40-minute conversation between two loved ones provided by our partners at StoryCorps — then pick out the best bits, and edit and craft it together into a short audio documentary.

"We were to go up to the doors and we were saying, 'Vote! Hey, mister come and vote! Have you voted yet?' And the people would go, 'What? Little kids?'"

But we accidentally gave Audio Academy fellows Amber Miles and Marisol Medina Cadena the same Storycorps interview, between Marcelina Delgadillo and her longtime partner Peg Lum. 

It turned out to be an interesting lesson in how a radio producer can pull two completely different stories out of the same interview.

Delgadillo and Lum talked about Marcelina's childhood with a Chicano activist father who campaigned with Cesar Chavez and Fred Ross — and about how meditation and martial arts inspired her journey to come out to herself, her husband and her adult son. 

Listen to the two different stories Marisol and Amber found within that conversation.

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