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Today's Local Music: Versatile


The song you can listen to above is being played by Solomon Munghia. Patrons of the 81st Avenue East Oakland library might occasionally hear Munghia practicing in one of the study rooms there. That’s where our community storytelling project, Hear Here, found him one day, getting ready to make some music with his friend Giovanni Gaines. Hear Here producer Audrey Dilling asked Munghia how he first learned to play guitar. 

"I went through like two training sessions on this one song. And ever since then I started teaching myself how to do whatever," said Munghia.

Since then, he started teaching Gaines to play as well. 
"By the time of the summer, we’ll be able to consider ourself an official band," Munghia hoped.

That was back in May. And now that it summer is here, Munghia and his band Versatile are set to perform at the 81st Avenue library National Night Out party tomorrow night. The event starts at 6pm in front of the library and Versatile, will kick it off. KALW's Hear Here project will be there, too. So come say hello!

For more information on National Night Out, click here.