How can we help kids in distress before they threaten schools? | KALW

How can we help kids in distress before they threaten schools?

Mar 14, 2018


On this edition of Your Call, we discuss threats to schools since the Parkland, Florida shooting. How can we get to the heart of the problem and help kids in distress?



Since the Parkland shooting on February 14, there have been more than 800 school based incidents and threats, according to the Educator’s School Safety Network. That’s about 70 threats a day. At least 15 of those students have been arrested. 29 cases involved a gun. What leads students to lash out with threats of violence, and how should society respond?



Aaron Stark, author and writer of the Washington Post perspective, I would have been a school shooter if I could’ve gotten a gun

Jesse Osorio, health education coordinator at the 3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic

Douglas Styles, licensed psychologist and executive director at Huckleberry Youth Programs

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