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Enforcing Oakland's new minimum wage

Jun 24, 2015

More than three months after Oakland implemented a higher minimum wage, the city is working to enforce the new law. Yet, job postings have been placed on Craigslist advertising positions that pay below the legal minimum wage of $12.25 per hour, some receiving dozens of applications. How is the city responding to this kind of confusion?

Deborah Barnes, the city's Manager for Contracts and Compliance for the City of Oakland is on the front lines of the issue, trying to keep businesses up to date and honest in paying their workers the legal wage. She sat down with KALW's Jen Chien to talk about how she's doing that.

DEBORAH BARNES: We are targeting areas where there is a high concentration of small businesses and restaurant owners. We started in Chinatown going block by block. Our next target is the Fruitvale area. So that’s how we’re approaching it.

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