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Bay Area Beats: The Sons Of Soul Revivers

Aug 16, 2017


The Sons Of Soul Revivers are a San Francisco-based quartet who come from a family of gospel singers; their songs are grounded in the gospel tradition.

But their taste isn’t exclusively tied to religious music. They take inspiration from everyone from the True Tones to The Jackson 5. They say their style is right in-between old-timey and contemporary, but they keep their message simple: their identity is with the church. The Morgan Brothers — lead singer James, Baritone and lead guitarist Walter,  and background and second lead Dwayne — came into KALW's studios to talk about carrying their message through song.



"I can truly say that I am happy, I am blessed and I am privileged to be a small part of this group. I have been in the group for 44 years, and god willing I'll be in the group for 44 more years. I don't know. I just feel good about where we are going."

The Sons Of Soul Revivers will be performing this Sunday (8/20) at the Sonoma County Blues Festival in Rohnert Park.