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Bay Area Beats: Madeline Kenney

Apr 5, 2018

Oakland-based singer/songwriter Madeline Kenney released her debut album, “Night Night at the First Landing," last year, and has since taken it on tour around the country. To support her music, she’s worked as a bread baker, a nanny, a piano teacher, and a volunteer at the Women's Audio Mission in San Francisco.

In this edition of Bay Area Beats, Kenney talks about what it takes to make a sound all your own.

"I learned how to sing loud at bars, at open mics, because I figured out that was the only way people would stop talking over you while you were performing ... I honestly think playing an open mic is harder than playing a show, because at a show people are there to listen to the music, and at open mics they really couldn't care less ... It's a really good lesson in being a performer."

Madeline Kenney will be at Bottom of the Hill Saturday, April 7th.