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Sona Avakian is a writer and editor living in San Francisco. Issues she is in interested in convering include housing in the BayArea, how to survive as an artist in the Bay Area, immigration, and local politics. 

Sona is a fellow is KALW's Audio Academy class of 2020 

Courtesy of Steve Kerr

In the 1920s Stanley and Elsa Kerr cared for thousand of children in Beirut, Lebanon, who’d lost or become separated from their parents in the Armenian Genocide.

Their grandson is Steve Kerr.

And Armenians have been in love with the Kerr family ever since.

Mona Caron

A group of activists in San Francisco understood the importance of mass visibility four years ago when they went on a hunger strike after a series of fatal police killings. They were called the Frisco Five, and their goal was to force out the city's police chief.

Ben Trefny / KALW

My last day in the station was March 9th. People were talking about how easy their commutes were. I don’t think the students were in school at Burton High where KALW is located, but honestly, I don’t remember. At one point the fire alarm went off; we all grabbed our computers and ran outside to continue working at the picnic table. Later that afternoon I opened the door to the school hallway and the smell of ammonia was heavy in the air.

Vikki McCloskey is a biologist at the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. The museum has been closed for months, but there are tens of thousands of animals, bugs, and fish that live there. And they still need to eat. In this installment of "The Essentials," McCloskey takes us into a swamp as she feeds four snapping turtles and an albino alligator named Claude.

citymaus / CC BY-NC ND 2.0

Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order on Friday directing counties to send all registered voters mail-in ballots.

California To Move Into Second Phase Of Reopening / California Restaurant Association Estimates Half Of State's Bars And Restaurants Will Not Reopen / California Hospital Association Requests $1 Billion In Aid / Fire Experts Predict Severe Season With Early Start

Bay Area Headlines: Tuesday, 4/21/20, AM

Apr 21, 2020

Bridging The Digital Divide For Distance Learning / Protesting Stay-At-Home Order In Sacramento / Free COVID-19 Testing In San Francisco

Jenny G. Shao / KALW


Beginning this Thursday, San Franciscans who live in the Mission between South Van Ness and Harrison and Cesar Chavez and 23rd Street, can get tested for free.



An emergency order to help keep San Francisco restaurants stay afloat went into effect today.

Three State Partnership / Insurance Refunds Demanded / SF Delivery App Fees Capped / SF Party Busted

Bay Area curve flattening / Hospital beds increasing / Stay-at-home timeline / Muni service reduction


Beginning today food will be distributed only two days a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays between the hours of 11 am and noon.

Free COVID-19 tests in Hayward / Park visitation problems / Proposed ballot measures stymied

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Governor Gavin Newsom’s March 19th order has thwarted all non-essential public contact. That includes signature gatherers who help get measures on the ballot when we vote. These measures often impact housing laws, small business, and homeless services. 

King of Hearts/ CC-BY-SA

The San Francisco Department of Public Health sent out a text advisory on Friday. It said it recommends that all non-essential large gatherings of people be canceled for the next two weeks, in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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Hey Area is where we find answers to questions you ask. Ben Harney wanted to know why is it called earthquake weather?

Lindsey Martin / Flickr / Creative Commons

More than 2 feet (60 centimeters) of new snow has fallen in the Sierra, where more than 6 feet (2 meters) has been recorded the past seven days at the top of some Lake Tahoe-area ski resorts, the National Weather Service said Monday.

Lindsay Fox / Flickr / Creative Commons


If you’ve spent any time walking around San Francisco lately you’ve probably seen signs in corner stores about Proposition C.  It's about e-cigarettes and it’s sparked one of the most impassioned debates going on in the city this electoral season.