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New housing development planned for Rockridge

Located at the extreme Northern end of Oakland, this is Rockridge.
Wayne Hsieh
Flickr / Creative Commons
Located at the extreme Northern end of Oakland, this is Rockridge.

The former campus of the California College of Arts might get a new look. A redevelopment plan is set out to demolish 10 of the 12 buildings on the old CCA site.

The organization East Bay for Everyone launched a campaign called “Upzone Rockridge,” which was initially introduced in 2017 as a way to create momentum around the housing opportunities that lay within the affluent Oakland neighborhood.

Many residents are excited about the CCA redevelopment plan. The proposal brings an opportunity to create housing in a historically exclusive Oakland neighborhood. Others oppose the idea of demolishing historic buildings.

The debate around housing in Rockridge isn’t a new concept. It’s part of an ongoing general conversation around housing in Oakland.

The developer Marc Babsin, of Emerald Fund, is hoping that the project will be approved by the end of the year.

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