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Looking at you looking at me: Surveillance protest art

Hasan Elahi
Hasan Elahi
Flickr Creative Commons
Hasan M. Elahi during the Lift conference.

Descendants of immigrants and refugees from countries in the Middle East and South Asia have often had a hard time living in the post 9/11 United States because they have Muslim names. Take former San Jose State Professor and artist Hasan Elahi.

After September 11, while trying to catch a plane, he was detained and interrogated by the FBI, and compelled to share a lot of personal information with the Feds. He was eventually cleared, but the experience inspired him to launch a project called “Hiding in Plain Sight” in which he photographs every single detail of his daily life — no matter how mundane — and uploads it on his website for the world — and the FBI — to see. It’s a form of “surveillance protest art.”

This story originally aired in April, 2011