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Radio Poets 2019 - Mohamed Baalouach, "The Best Part Of Me"

Mohamed Baalouach is a student at Redding Elementary School in San Francisco

You can hear Mohamed's poem broadcast on 91.7 KALW later this afternoon at 5:57 pm

  The Best Part of Me

By Mohamed Ali Baalouach

The best part of me are my feet.

They are strong like a deeply rooted to the ground .

I use my feet to power walk to school and learn.

Learning takes me places that I would've never imagine: the redwood forest, indigenous locations, and even South America!

With my feet, I can hike and can go on adventures anywhere.

My feet does amazing things.

Skipping to the park on Ellis Street.

Hopping to my funny uncle’s house.  

Jumping on the trampoline, so I can reach the sky.

Jogging to my dad’s store, so I’m not late.  

Galloping to school, excited to read.

Sprinting home, so I can watch my favorite show.

I love my feet oh so much.

They shine as bright as a star.

I adore my them because they are the best.

Without my feet,  I can’t discover new things.

Without my feet, I can’t not play soccer.

Without my feet, where would I be?

I’m glad they’re the best part of me.