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Bail Reform: Post Release Detention or Follow the Bouncing BAIL

You are presumed innocent. Except when it comes to setting bail. Under current law, you are presumed guilty for purposes of bail. In California and across America, thousands of people who are charged with criminal offenses are held in custody awaiting trial.

Traditionally, people got out of jail only when they “made bail.” That is, when the put a lot of money (or had a bail bondsman put up a lot of money to ensure that they would appear in courto answer for the charges against them. But , here in California, legislators and the court, for the first time are saying that this isn’t fair; that the size of your bank account should not determine whether you sit in jail or go home while awaiting trial.

Two bill before the state legislature now propose setting bail for most offenses at $0. Is this a good idea or are we just giving criminals a “GET OF JAIL FREE” card?

To guide us through this discussion of bail reform, YLR Host Jeff Hayden is joined tonight by Jeffrey J. Clayton, executive director of the American Bail Coalition, Scott Sherman, the Managing Attorney for the Private Defender Program of the San Mateo County Bar Association, and Dean Johnson, practicing attorney and emmy-nominated legal and political analyst.

Questions for Jeff and his guests? Please call, toll free, at (866) 798-8255.

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