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GOP anti-abortion policies harm women around the globe

Reproductive Health Network Kenya
Reproductive Health Network Kenya

On this edition of Your Call, we discuss the global cost of the American anti-abortion movement.

The Fuller Project's Jodi Enda reports that the US has given women around the globe no alternative but to seek backstreet abortions that send some to emergency rooms and others to their graves. When Donald Trump was in office, he imposed the tightest restrictions affecting overseas abortion access to date. 

Nelly Munyasia, executive director of Reproductive Health Network Kenya, which represents nearly 600 private health care providers, told Enda that women are forced to turn to unskilled providers, who scrape their uteruses with wires, give them concoctions intended for animals, or tell them to ingest concentrated soap. Some women resort to killing healthy newborns, tossing them in rivers or poisoning them with Coca-Cola, according to The Telegraph.


Jodi Enda, Washington bureau chief and senior correspondent for The Fuller Project, and adjunct journalism professor at Cornell University’s Washington Program

Nelly Munyasia, executive director of Reproductive Health Network Kenya


The Fuller Project: The Global Cost of the American Anti-Abortion Movement

The Telegraph: Coca-Cola and quacks — How Kenya's restrictive abortion laws are fuelling infanticide

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