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Media Roundtable: The untold stories of the last days of the US war in Afghanistan

Afghans show documents to Marines admitting evacuees outside Abbey Gate on Aug. 25. Credit:Mirzahussain Sadid for Alive in Afghanistan

On this edition of Your Call’s Media Roundtable, we discuss a ProPublica/Alive in Afghanistan investigation about last summer’s chaotic and deadly evacuation of Afghan civilians during the last days of the US presence in Afghanistan.

Reporters interviewed scores of American troops, Afghan civilians, medical professionals and senior US officials involved in Operation Allies Refuge, the evacuation mission carried out to end the Afghanistan War. They also reviewed 2,000 pages of materials from an internal military investigation obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, including after-action reports, official timelines, and redacted transcripts of interviews with more than 130 military personnel.

The interviews and documents offer the most definitive account to date of the largest noncombatant evacuation in US history.


Mohammad J. Alizada, co-founder an managing Editor of Alive-in

Joaquin Sapien, investigative reporter for ProPublica

Web Resources:

ProPublica/Alive in Afghanistan: Hell at Abbey Gate: Chaos, Confusion and Death in the Final Days of the War in Afghanistan

ProPublica: These Children Fled Afghanistan Without Their Families. They’re Stuck in U.S. Custody.

Democracy Now: Afghans Demand Truth About Kabul Airport Massacre as U.S. Continues to Deny Soldiers Shot Civilians

BBC: Afghanistan: What humanitarian aid is getting in?

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