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City Visions: Are the Kids All Right...To Vote?


The movement to lower the voting age is spreading across the country, and on this November's ballot, Bay Area voters will decide whether 16- and 17-year olds can vote in various state and local elections. 

Critics argue that teenagers are not mature enough to vote, while advocates contend that teens, who are directly affected by issues like climate change and gun control, should have their say. Are you ready for your teen to vote? We'll also be talking about whether the Democratic Party has left Senator Dianne Feinstein behind, and hear from a political activist who is using music to get people to the polls.


Tal Kopan, Washington correspondent, San Francisco Chronicle

Arianna Nassiri, Vote 16SF Campaign leader and former San Francisco Youth Commissioner

Tyler Okeke, Vote at 16 Youth Organizer for Power California, former student board member of LA Unified School District;

John Trasvina, Executive Director, Generation Citizen; and,

Pete Kronowitt, founder of Face the Music Collective