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Radio Poets 2019 - Enrique Quinones, "My Feelings"

Enrique Quinones is a student at TECA school in San Francisco

You can hear Enrique read his poem broadcast today on 91.7 KALW at 3:04 this afternoon and at 8:58 tonight.

                                                                         My Feelings

By: Danny De Leon & Adrian Alvarez & Enrique Quinones

School: TECA

We feel like the color red, like an angry bird when we Lose in FIFA 19.

We feel like the color gold when we win a FIFA 19 tournament.

We feel like the color blue, like the endless amazon river, when we don’t score goals in our soccer games.

We feel like the color yellow, like the beautiful sun in a clear sky, when we are practicing and learning new drills to make us better soccer players.

We love our feelings.