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Supreme Court Rejects Trump Challenge to CA Sanctuary State Status

Today, the Supreme Court rejected the Trump Administration’s appeals to throw out the California Sanctuary Law. KALW’s Bee Soll has more.

This decision upholds lower court rulings, and makes clear that the federal government is not allowed to direct state resources for its own immigration agenda. 

In their appeal, lawyers for the Trump Administration said the California laws posed a risk to public safety because they contradict federal laws. They were concerned that immigrants who commit crimes would be allowed to remain in the United States after perpetrating, according to the New York Times. And they argued that this undermines immigration enforcement and the rule of law.

But California lawyers said the federal government cannot require states to provide information or transfer individuals to federal immigration authorities. They say there’s danger in asking local law enforcement to cooperate with federal agents - entangling the two can deter victims and witnesses from coming forward. This would make it more difficult to protect local public safety if victims are afraid to report, they say.

This ruling makes clear that California, and other states, can reject immigration policies in direct opposition to state values. 


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