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Cannabis News Roundup - the final edition

By Pixabay user typographyimages. Licensed under Creative Commons CC0/cropped.

Legal adult sales: “a multi-generational event” ... Where to buy legally in the East Bay ... Prices: up or down? ... “Weed Week” ... Norway considers total legalization ... and more.

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San Leandro okays medical marijuana manufacturer // the Cannifornian

The San Leandro Board of Zoning Adjustments, by a 4-0 vote, has approved plans for Dispersa Labs, of Tarpon Springs, Florida, to build a 7,745-square-foot warehouse at 1655 Abram Court, where a dry cannabis powder inhaler for medical uses will be manufactured.”  The inhaler is described as “a very technical product.”

A calendar of the year to come // SF Chronicle

The state Bureau of Cannabis Control issued the first cannabis-related licenses last week. That was just the beginning. Click the headline for important dates related to recreational sales coming in 2018.

Legal recreational sales: “a once in a multi-generational event // GreenState.com

New Year’s Day 2018 is “going to be a day in history, just like the end of alcohol prohibition. It’s a once in a multi-generational event. It’s going to be very large event that’s going to resonate across the U.S. because as California goes, so does the rest of the U.S.”

Indiana coping with CBD confusion // MJ Biz Daily

You may have read here last week about the confusion over CBD in Indiana. A law was passed back in the spring “allowing children with certain kinds of epilepsy to possess CBD.

“But the law had the unintended consequence of seeing law enforcement take CBD products off shelves in stores that had been selling them for years: Some police interpreted the law to mean CBD is illegal for anyone else, regardless of where the CBD came from or if it was legally produced.”  Click the blue headline to learn how citizens are dealing with this confusion.

Norway moves towards legalizing all illicit drugs // huffingtonpost.com

“Drug use, from marijuana to cocaine and heroin, would be decriminalized under the plan, similar to the system in Portugal, which has been held up as a model by drug law reformers worldwide as a preferable option to jailing drug users. The plan was supported by a majority of the Norwegian Parliament, known as the Storting.”


Where to find legal pot in the East Bay // East Bay Express

“Here are 14 places in Oakland, Berkeley, and Richmond that can legally sell marijuana for recreational use in the new year.”

Berkeley Patient Group prepares for legalization // MJbizJrln.

“This is the first installment in a series chronicling the challenges and successes one prominent dispensary – Berkeley Patients Group – is experiencing as it transitions from California’s unregulated marijuana market to a statewide regulated industry.”

Price conundrum: lower cost for product, but with higher taxes // MJbizJrln.

Will prices for marijuana drop after legalization in California? Probably. But new taxes may keep the end price up, at least for a while. Click on the headline to review what legalization has done to prices in other legal states.


Los Angeles cannabis shops to get restaurant style health inspections // Daily News

“The county’s Department of Public Health will perform the health and sanitation inspections in what officials call ‘a cost-neutral manner,’ which means permits would be taken out that are ‘specifically tailored to commercial cannabis facilities.’”


Science of Cannabis symposium at Cal // Greenstate.com

“The month-long Science of Cannabis Symposium runs through February and each week features a national expert speaking to a mainstream audience and taking questions.”   Click on the headline for details of this symposium.

IN OTHER NEWS ....               

“Weed Week” on KALW //Crosscurrents

Cannabis was the topic all week on “Crosscurrents.”  Topics include “Weed & Water,” “Cannabis equity,” “Cannabis DUI,” “School, Kids, Medical Cannabis.” Click on the blue headline for a link to the entire list. [Audio.]

Last call for the CNR  

This is the final Cannabis News Roundup. I’ve been happy to scour the Internet looking for local, national and international stories about cannabis for the past four years or so. Content wasn’t necessarily easy to find at the beginning. Having this information at a single location was the real value of the CNR. Now it’s mainstream news, found everywhere. 

Here are some sources I’ve found useful over the years, in no particular order. They’ll still provide you with accurate news.

The Leaf Online                        The Cannafornian

East Bay Times                         Calif. Dept. of Public Health

Bureau of Cannabis Control    GreenState

And if you want to hear my “exit interview” from KALW, click here.

Remember: you can always add cannabis to your system, but you can’t subtract it. Be a wise consumer.