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Cannabis News Roundup: Does Oakland's "equity permit" plan break the law?

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Cottage growers protected by state law ... Oakland equity plan may violate laws ... Beware of Prop. 64: Colorado health manager ... Pop quiz and more.


Marijuana extractors now covered by law // East Bay Express

“AB 2679 should help butane hash blasters, carbon dioxide extraction technicians and other artisans who are getting arrested and prosecuted under misapplied meth lab laws. Medical marijuana extractors who follow stringent manufacturing and quality assurance standards will get a legal shield, while chemical hash makers who don’t follow AB 2679 still face arrest and prison time.”

“Cottage industry” growers get special license // East Bay Express

“A licensed cottage grower could have up to 2,500 square feet of total canopy size in a greenhouse; up to 25 mature plants outdoors; or 500 square feet indoors, on one premise.

“The cottage licensing law addresses new anxieties about industrial agriculture disrupting the economics of the otherwise unmechanized crop.”

Oakland’s equity permit plan might be against the law // SF Chronicle

“It’s one thing to be permissive and say, ‘Hey, a felony won’t count against you because we don’t want to carry forward wrongs of the past,’” says Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Alameda. “It’s another to say, affirmatively, that you’re going to get something because you had a felony conviction.”


The big divide over legalization // L.A. Times

“Proposition 64 has split the medical cannabis community, with some seeing new opportunity and others fearing it will wreck a system that is working for nearly 800,000 medical pot card holders.”

Colorado health worker warns again Prop. 64 // Orange County Register

“We’re treating more addicts for marijuana than for opiates,” says Ben Cort, a manager with the University of Colorado Hospital’s rehab program.

“Prop. 64,” Cort says, will legalize dangerously high THC. That’s not Snoop Dogg cool. That’s emergency room serious.”

Prop. 64 explained (again) // KPBS

Still not sure what Prop. 64 (Adult Use of Marijuana Act) is about?  This should help.


Charts compare California’s cannabis market to the rest of the nation // MJ Biz Daily

“The figures offer a snapshot of the size and scope of California’s massive medical cannabis market, though actual sales are likely much higher because of the unregulated nature of the industry in the state.”

Mark Cuban is staying out of the “gold rush” // Business Inside

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban won’t be putting money into the exploding legal cannabis business. He’s not against the product, but says, “right now it's a gold rush. When everybody's rushing in it's hard to keep track of what everybody's doing because there's a new startup every single day.” And that leads to oversaturation, as prices in Colorado are showing.


ASA offers cannabis patient training // Americans for Safe Access

This week-long in-person training will be taught using a combination of lecture and hands on exercises to provide a professional credential for regulators and business professionals working in the cannabis industry.” Dates are October 17- 21, in Sacramento.


The time for legalization has come // Orange County Register

“Under Prop. 64, marijuana use will be permitted in a private home or business licensed for on-site consumption, but will not be allowed in public spaces, while operating a vehicle or anywhere tobacco use is currently prohibited. In other words, the personal use of marijuana will be permitted in much the same way as alcohol.”


Pop quiz: what do you really know about marijuana? // Christian Science Monitor

Test your knowledge, or improve it, here.

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