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Cannabis News Roundup: Can pregnant women use cannabis?

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DEA delays consideration of pot reclassification ... White House wants to widen research ... Employers can fire medical users ... Should expectant mothers stop using cannabis? ... Opinion, health, and more.


DEA delays consideration of cannabis rescheduling // Merryjane.com

Rumors that the Drug Enforcement Administration might consider reclassifying cannabis as a Schedule 2 drug (down from Schedule 1, the most dangerous) this month seem to be just that — rumors. “The process of rescheduling has been held up by the complexity of the plant, which has hundreds of chemical actors and compounds.”

White House looks at widening pot research // NYT

“Researchers will still have to receive approval from federal agencies to conduct medical studies of marijuana, including from the D.E.A. and the Food and Drug Administration. Those whose projects are funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse will also need its consent.”


Employer’s right to fire medical cannabis users upheld //SF Gate

Judge Dale Drozd “said the issue of state law had been largely settled by a California Supreme Court ruling in 2008 that said the first-in-the-nation measure in 1996 to protect doctor-approved marijuana users from criminal prosecution did not provide any rights under California laws forbidding discrimination in employment and housing.”

“Yes on 64” group sues over “No on 64” ballot statements // EBX

The reformers charge that “ ‘These aren’t evidence-based arguments – they are scare tactics – and they’re sadly reminiscent of the ‘reefer madness’-style disinformation campaigns that subverted honest dialogue around this issue for decades’.”

Former airport worker confesses to smuggling scheme // San Francisco CBS local

The former baggage handler for Southwest Airlines “was one of 13 people indicted by a federal grand jury in Oakland on May 28, 2015, on charges of participating in a nationwide conspiracy to smuggle the drug through the Oakland airport to locations in at least 10 other states in 2013 and 2014.”

Costa Mesa dispensary sues over police raid // L.A. Times

“Operators of a Costa Mesa medical marijuana dispensary that was raided by police in January sued the city and its Police Department on Tuesday, alleging that officers had no right to force their way into the Harbor Boulevard storefront.” A video of the police raid was widely distributed at the time, showing police commenting on the edibles taken from the counter, while they smashed CCTV cameras in the shop.


Solano County voters to decide cannabis tax // Daily Republic

“The general tax measure, which requires a simple majority for approval, would allow the county to place a tax of up to 15 percent on all marijuana-based businesses – medical or recreational – in the unincorporated area of the county. It would be based on gross receipts of the firm.”

Humboldt County also asks voters to decide cannabis tax // KRCR-TV

“‘Passing this measure locally protects this revenue so that it cannot be taken by Sacramento, ensuring that it will all be spent locally to address our needs here at home’,” says the chair of the Board of Supervisors.

So. Cal. police chief warns against legalization // Redlands Daily Facts

“Just regulating it doesn’t mean you’re going to take away all the problems associated with it,” says Mark Garcia, chief of police for the inland California city of Redlands.

Both major candidates claim marijuana is a states-rights issue // Seattle Times

Here’s something Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton agree on: both say individual states should have the right to regulate marijuana within their boundaries.


FDA approves synthetic THC // Attn.com

“Last month, the agency approved Syndros, a synthetic form of THC, for treatment of ailments suffered by AIDS and cancer patients.” What is Syndros? Click on the story headline for details.

Talking to the kids about legal marijuana // L.A. Weekly

“Having an honest conversation with kids about cannabis can help them understand its effects more clearly ... While marijuana is a medicine for many people in California, that doesn't mean a healthy developing teenage brain is ready to try it.”

“No safe level” of pot consumption for expectant mothers // L.A. Daily News

“There’s no level of marijuana use that’s considered “safe” for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, per the experts, just as there’s no safe level of alcohol, tobacco or many other substances.

“While expectant moms report using marijuana to ease severe morning sickness, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends they stop using cannabis until they’re finished breastfeeding.”

Reminder to new and returning users: this stuff is strong // L.A. Daily News

Is marijuana more dangerous than it once was? Well, it’s certainly stronger. “Through the 1990s, marijuana typically had about 4 percent THC, the main compound that makes consumers high,” and “today’s cannabis commonly has 15, 20, even 30 percent THC. And concentrates – such as waxes, tinctures and oils – can reach 60 or 80 percent.”


“Ask an expert” at Oakland Museum // Museumca.org

“Got burning questions about marijuana? Join Ask an Expert with Abdi Soltani, Executive Director of the ACLU of Northern California during “office hours” in Altered State: Marijuana in California, and get your inquiries on marijuana policy and the implications of decriminalization answered.”

This is an element of the museum’s “Altered States: Marijuana in California” exhibit.


Say yes to recreational pot: Mercury News // MercuryNews

“We would have preferred uniform federal rules legalizing marijuana, but there's no sign of that. So once again, the states must lead. ... It's time to say yes.”


Teens at quinceanaera party sickened by edibles // CNN

“Edible marijuana offered at a quinceañera celebration is suspected of sickening 19 people Saturday night in San Francisco's Mission District, according to the city's Department of Public Health.”

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