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Cannabis News Roundup: Harborside's next court battle

by FLICKR user Kate O’Neill (Creative Copmmons – CC0 Modifications allowed)
“The "grow room" at the Marijuana Museum in Amsterdam (cropped)";

Harborside’s next day in court … Trimmigrants told to stay home … Study shows limited smoking danger … CNR at book fest Saturday … and more


Harborside’s next court battle // MJBizDaily

“Every plant-touching legal marijuana business in the United States is familiar with the 280E provision [of the U.S. tax code], which bars marijuana companies from taking standard tax deductions available to every other law-abiding industry in the country. The provision dates to a 1981 court case which spurred Congress to create 280E.”

“Micro-farming” bill passes Assembly // NorthCoastJournal

“We are trying to ensure small medical cannabis growers on the North Coast can continue to do business as this industry moves forward," [Assemblyman Jim] Wood said in a press release. "It is not fair to require the small farmers to adhere to the same standards as larger operations."


Will new voters help or hurt legalization drive? // Daily News (L.A.)

“How many under-30 voters will turn out in November to vote for marijuana legalization?”


Humboldt turns to Craigslist to stem the “trimmigrant” tide // NorthCoastJournal

“The Eureka Police Department hopes its ‘reverse marketing’ campaign will convince out-of-towners that Humboldt County isn't a good place to come look for marijuana trimming jobs.”


Proposed legislation puts boy in a bind // KXTV

The epileptic seizures of a nine-year-old in Nevada County respond well to cannabis oil, “but supply is running out due to current local marijuana laws.”

Marijuana use: bad for your gums, but not much else // Washington Post

A long-term study in New Zealand finds that “marijuana use had no negative effect on any measure of health, except for dental health. People who smoked more weed had a higher incidence of gum disease.”

Teen marijuana use continues to decline //The Source: Washington University in St. Louis

“Researchers … examined data on drug use collected from young people, ages 12 to 17, over a 12-year span. They found that the number of adolescents who had problems related to marijuana — such as becoming dependent on the drug or having trouble in school and in relationships — declined by 24 percent from 2002 to 2013.”


CNR at Berkeley Book Festival // BerkeleyBookFest.org

Come by the KALW table on Addison Street tomorrow, 6/4. I’ll be there from about 2–3pm, with Dana Rodriguez, host of “Minds Over Matter.” More than 50,000 people attended last year’s two-day festival. Check the website for  scheduled ticketed and free events.


Why money launderers and cartels go free and smokers don’t // DailyCal

“Cannabis users are … the low-hanging fruit of the drug war, as their arrests are relatively easy. It’s a fairly taxing task for law enforcement to pursue cartels and money launderers.”

Mercury News calls for “no” vote on Measure C // Mercury News

Even the measure’s sponsor has disowned it because of changes since ballots were mailed.


Santa Cruz County needs a Cannabis Licensing Manager // KSBW-TV

“The Cannabis Licensing Manager must have a college degree, understand land use policies, and negotiate ‘highly technical and complicated’ transactions.” Starting salary is $148,000 annually.

National Hockey League ignores cannabis in drug tests // Civilized.life

[“T]he NHL doesn't want players to use drugs like marijuana. But they don't try to stop them with as much vigor as the other leagues. And that might be a good thing. There's no doubt that NHL players … could use a painkiller like marijuana to treat the aches and pains that come with fighting through the playoffs.”


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