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Cannabis News Roundup: 08.15.14

M.W. Benutzer

No statewide regulations this year… Banks cautiously work with cannabis customers… Hemp-powered batteries? ...  Amsterdam vs. Boulder ... and more.


SB 1262 dies in committee // SFGate.com    The California Assembly Appropriations Committee did not vote on the proposed statewide regulation this week, ending any consideration of the plan for this year. Advocates look to “try-try-again” in January.

Columbia’s president favors medical marijuana // Democraticunderground.com      The President of Columbia declares the war on drugs a failure and calls for a new approach. 


Time for San Francisco to regulate home delivery? // SF Chronicle      Eaze, the delivery service that was mentioned here two weeks ago, has drawn the attention of the San Francisco County Board of Supervisors. [Note: you can make a drinking (or smoking) game by noting each of the labored puns in this piece.]


Measure to tax dispensaries considered in Santa Cruz // Santa Cruz Sentinel       Opponents say November ballot measure amounts to “a tax on patients.” Supervisor says, “business people always complain about being overtaxed.”

Federal guidelines slowly encouraging banks to work with cannabis businesses // Washington Post        “From our perspective, the [federal] guidance is having the intended effect,” Treasury director says.

Hemp could power electronics // ACS.org    “Our device’s electrochemical performance is on par with or better than graphene-based devices,” a Canadian researcher says at major scientific meeting.

A look at Washington State’s mandated security systems for farms // NW News Network      All farmers have to be concerned about varmints getting their crops, but most don’t need alarms and cameras. 

Consumer alert: Buying Bud Light compared to “green bud” //The Washington Post    Comparison could seem to be a stretch, but it’s “a potentially significant indicator of future marijuana use in the U.S.”


Federal rules hamper cannabis research // NYT     It’s often said, “more research is needed” before cannabis can be considered for reclassification. But that’s difficult to do with only one legal supplier, and plenty of regulatory hurdles.

False CBD claims dupe desperate parents // SF Weekly      CBD oil has notable results on children with certain diseases. But beware of buying it online.


Amsterdam or Boulder? Compare and contrast // The Economist    “At its best, smoking pot gives one an expanded spatial awareness and a sense of freedom, but in Amsterdam the atmosphere had been wrong.”


Pot thieves arrested after police spot plants hanging out the window //WFLA.com       [Note: This headline had the wrong link last week, so here’s the story.]


Hemp Con comes to the Cow Palace next weekend // Hempcon.com          They call it America’s largest cannabis industry, health, lifestyle & culture event of the year,” and it starts next Friday (Aug. 22-24).