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Tenancies-in-common: Jennifer Grant

Jennifer Grant

  “My name is Jennifer Grant. I’m an office manager at a small nonprofit in San Francisco. I work at our family coalition. We work with LGBTQ-headed families with children.


“I live in a TIC in the North Panhandle. And I’ve lived there with my family for eight years.


“We wanted to have a home that was big enough for four of us. And we wanted to be in a neighborhood we thought would be family friendly.  And TIC is all we could afford.


“Stability is really important to me. I’m an army brat and had been to 13 schools by the time I graduated from high school. Really didn’t want that for myself as an adult. Had been in San Francisco for 15 years at the time I had kids. I was in love with San Francisco. I was really proud my kids were born in San Francisco. They can officially say they’re native San Franciscans.


“We feel really grounded. We love our neighborhood. It has turned out to be increasingly family friendly. On our block alone we had 15 kids. My kids, I have 12 year old twins, a boy and girl. And they have a real community.


“We’ve told our kids that I have no intention of moving again. This is probably where they’ll come when they’re adults to come visit us and maybe bring their kids. Its worked out great.


“When there was all the discussion of TICs and converting to condos, this was a way for us to afford to have a home for our family. I’ve worked in nonprofits in San Francisco for almost 30 years. I’ve given my heart and soul to this city. I’ve given all kinds of crisis services to the city, and I’d like to see this city make sure that my family can afford to live here, and TIC is the way we were able to do that.”