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Tenancies-in-common: Ashley Lyon

Melanie Young
Ashley Lyon

  “My name is Ashley Lyon, and I’m a TIC owner. I live in a TIC with my wife and our dog. And we originally purchased our TIC back in 2003. We were both renters at the time and decided that we wanted to set our roots in San Francisco and started looking to see what might available to buy. Prices then were as crazy as they are now. Clearly they’re even crazier now.


“The TIC opportunities we came across were really the only opportunities we had. Would have been great to have been able to buy a condominium. But certainly weren’t going to be able to get anywhere near that. And so based on what we could afford, and based on what kind of a home we were looking for, that represented the only option to us.


“We happen to be in a six-unit building. Nobody was evicted in our building. It has what’s considered a clean eviction history. We live in the building with five other great young families. We have a young couple that’s having their first child and doing the very San Francisco raise-your-child-in-a-closet routine. We have another couple with their two little Yorkies who are considering starting a family. And it’s a great building. If it weren’t for the TIC option there, my wife and I very well may have moved out of the city many years ago.”