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Cannabis News Roundup: February 1, 2013

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(SFGate) // Close Harborside Health Center in Oakland and “tens of thousands of patients” will be forced to buy cannabis on street corners. That’s the City of Oakland’s argument, as presented yesterday in the on-going forfeiture case against the mega-dispensary and the US Attorney. The US Attorney, in turn, says Oakland doesn’t have any legal rights in this case. No comment from the judge on her eventual decision.

(LATimes) // In another government vs. government dispute north of here, Mendocino County Supervisor John McCowen has a suggestion for the US Attorney: "When you've eliminated all those outlaw, trespass growers, then come talk to us about our legally compliant 99-plant growers.” Last fall the US Attorney requested access to all documents from the county’s registered grower program. A court date to quash this request is set for February 19.

Supervisor McCowen made the statement last weekend at the “Cannabis in California: Ending the 100 Year War” conference in San Francisco, sponsored by advocacy group Cal NORML.

He also admitted, “We were too vocal, and too public, in what we were doing” with the pilot program, which attracted attention from federal authorities. McCowen told the nearly 300 conference attendees that he doesn’t want to provide “one scrap of information” to the federal agency.

(SFGate) // This summary gives a good overview of the two-day conference.

(NORML) // California State Senator Mark Leno was one of the presenters at the conference. Here’s a video of his statement.

(Kentucky.com) // While California is dragging it’s feet on hemp legislation, as mentioned by Senator Leno (starting at about 12:30 on the above video), US Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky says if there’s a chance to help farmers and create jobs in The Bluegrass State by legalizing hemp production, then it's fine by him. Federal law will need to be amended before this can happen.

(W) // You could have been arrested last year at this time if the authorities in Washington state knew you were a cannabis cultivator. Now they’re looking to hire a cannabis consultant.

(LA Times) // The Drug Enforcement Administration acts like “a terrified and obstinate toddler when it comes to basic science,” according to this editorial, which ends by saying, “Marijuana is just another drug, no more, no less.”

(Smell the Truth) // Maybe you’ve already seen this parody of the MacklemoreThrift Shop” video, calling for legalization of cannabis.  It’s had over a million clicks…or perhaps in this case I should say “hits.”  Hip-hop artist Macklemore makes a very brief appearance near the end.

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