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Cannabis news roundup

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(LA Times) // The Los Angeles City Council passed a total ban on cannabis dispensaries July 24. It doesn’t directly impact dispensaries in other parts of the state, other than to add to the air of uncertainty surrounding the industry.

(SFGate) // “Obama, keep your promise!” The President probably didn’t hear the protesters chanting this outside of the Fox Theater in Oakland, where he was paying a visit – although it was his supporters who were doing the paying. The protesters were referring to candidate Obama’s early comments about not interfering with cannabis dispensaries abiding by state and local rules.

(SFGate) // Threat of Harborside asset seizure has tipped it into unknown territory as far as the law is concerned.

(SFGate) // The San Francisco Chronicle’s lead editorial is titled “A misguided pot crackdown,” and ends by saying: “California deserves a chance to reform a humane but flawed law. It needs Washington’s cooperation, not it’s overboard tactics.

(KGO-TV) // Harborside vows to fight seizure threat at Oakland City Hall news conference.

(Reuters) // Harborside Health Center targeted by US Attorney General in Federal Asset Forfeiture Suit. Protest set for July 23.

(L.A. Wave) // Cities and counties cannot totally ban cannabis dispensaries, according to a state appeals court ruling, because that preempts the state law under which they are allowed.

(Medical Marijuana Business Daily) // The City Council of Long Beach is likely to move towards a total ban on dispensaries within the city limits, following a court decision. But a higher court ruling looking at the issue from a statewide level, rather than a city or county level, seems to have superseded the ban. This is likely to stall a planned City of Los Angeles vote later this month, also seeking to ban dispensaries there.

(SFGate) // San Francisco’s SOMA area desperately wants new businesses, but a cluster of cannabis dispensaries is not what they had in mind.

(L.A. Times) // Going to California’s “Emerald Triangle” this summer? Perhaps you can catch a performance of “Mary Jane: the Musical”, an original production from the long-standing Dell'Arte Company in Blue Lake, California. It’s described as “a bittersweet, multi-generational tale,” told with music and humor, “about the cultivation culture that celebrates the herb while laying bare the industry's dark side.

(Daily News & L.A.Weekly) // The Los Angeles City Council has postponed a motion that would ban all storefront dispensaries in the city until late July, after the Council returns from a summer break.  It’s possible that a “softer ban” may be considered at that time.

(L.A. Times) // A reason for such a ban is the perception that crime increases in neighborhoods where there are numerous dispensaries. A study finds, however, that the numbers or locations of dispensaries “had nothing to do with” crime rates. But even the researchers aren’t sure about these results.

(Oakland City Attny) // The City of Oakland is partnering with other cities and counties throughout the state in asking the California Supreme Court to reverse a lower court decision which the City Attorney says could cancel out Oakland’s cannabis dispensary program.

(SFGate) // Museum Curator Chris Conrad says the Oaksterdam cannabis and hemp museum is actively seeking partnerships and assistance in establishing a bigger presence in downtown Oakland. The museum has been closed to the public since federal authorities raided founder Richard Lee's home and businesses. Support in any form is being requested.

(East Bay Express) // Findings from an international study published last month “are not consistent with the hypothesis that legalization leads to increased use of marijuana by teenagers.” In fact, the study finds a 7.4 percent decrease in the likelihood of teen consumption when associated with medical marijuana.