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Sights & Sounds: Tureeda Mikell's Picks

Aug 6, 2020

Sights and Sounds is your weekly guide the Bay Area arts scene through the eyes and ears of local artists. During shelter-in-place, instead of recommending in-person events, we're offering suggestions for ways to experience art and culture from home. This week, host Jenee Darden speaks with poet and Story Medicine Woman Tureeda Mikell. 

A Talk to Teachers by  James Baldwin

In this 1963 speech and essay, Baldwin advises teachers on how to talk to Black students during tense times, like what we’re living in today. He challenges teachers to look at the history of racial oppression and encourage Black students to think critically about race and society.

 De Facto Feminism: Essays Straight Out of Oakland - by Judy Juanita 

Judy Juanita is a poet, novelist and playwright. The personal essays in this book cover much in her life including her father who was  a Tuskegee Airman father, growing up in Oakland in the 1950s and 1960s, sexuality and the Black Arts Movement. Judy Juanita was editor-in-chief of the Black Panther Party’s newspaper. She currently teaches at Laney Community College in Oakland.  

The Gods Must Be Crazy

The classic 1980s comedy is about a South African tribe that discovers a Coke bottle has fallen from the sky. They don’t know an airplane pilot tossed it, but believe it's from the gods. A  young tribesman goes on a wild adventure to return it to the gods.  Along the way he encounters a biologist, school teacher and guerrilla soldiers. 

Tureeda Mikell’s debut poetry collection is Synchronicity. See her tonight at 6pm for the Screenside Chat with Mónica de la Torre . On Saturday at 2pm she’ll be performing with Michael Warr, Genny Lim and other artists for Recovery A.C.T.