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Families of Revolutionaries: Fernando Chavez

May 2, 2016


Cesar Chavez is remembered for leading the struggle to reform labor laws for exploited workers. The United Farm Workers Movement grabbed the attention of the world as Chavez organized nonviolent protests, grape boycotts, hunger strikes and marches throughout California — ultimately leading to many improvements for farm workers.

Chavez was also a father of eight children. His oldest son Fernando Chavez is an attorney in San Jose, California. He works with many Latino clients, handling cases involving employment disputes, personal injury and immigration.

FERNANDO CHAVEZ: [Cesar Chavez] left me a sense of pride, and a sense in my identity, who I am.

For our latest series on the families of revolutionaries, KALW's Leila Day sat down with Fernando Chavez to ask him, what was it like at home growing up with a revolutionary father?

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